Software to Fix Outlook 2013 PST file

Outlook stores all the information in a single file termed as PST file.  If your PST file gets corrupted then you can make use of inbuilt scanpst.exe (i.e. Inbox Repair tool) in order to access PST file attributes. Here are the steps that will assist you to fix Outlook file

Note: The below mentioned steps can be followed on all the latest versions of Outlook including Outlook 2013 / 2016. You can execute these steps on the entire Windows platform

How to Repair Outlook Data Files (.pst)?

  1. Exit Microsoft Outlook
  2. Go the Search Box and enter scanpst.exe
  3. Once you find exe, double click on it
  4. Click on Browse button to select .pst file that you wish to fix
  5. Click on Start button to initiate the scanning process in order to locate the errors
  6. Click on Repair tab if the scanning process prompts you any errors in the PST file

Well, there are certain situations where you are not able to fix Outlook 2013 PST file by using scanpst.exe tool. One of the advanced PST repair software is Remo PST Repair tool that helps you in fixing PST file within easy clicks.

What you should do if your OST file is not working?

Sometimes, users may also work offline when there is no connectivity of Outlook Exchange Server. Since you are working offline, all the information gets stored in OST file. At times, OST file corruption occurs due to synchronization errors.

In order to resolve the issue in OST file, you need to recreate the offline Outlook data file (.ost)

  1. Exit the Microsoft Outlook application
  2. Go to Control Panel and double-click on Mail
  3. Click Email Accounts in Mail Setup box
  4. Select Data Files, choose Exchange account and click on Open File Location
  5. Close Account Settings and the Mail Setup window, and then continue on the file explorer window
  6. Right click on the Exchange data file and hit on Delete button
  7. After completion of the above instructions, a new .ost file is created for the desired Outlook account

How to Fix Windows Was Unable to Complete the Format Error on Windows 10?

 “Hi, I am in trouble as I was formatting my device which experienced an unexpected termination. When I restarted the device it displayed an error saying that Windows could not complete the format. Please help to fix windows was unable to complete the format in Windows 10.”

Do not worry, here are some of the methods you could implement to recover the files.

Firstly check whether the drive is in write-protection mode as it does not allow any data to be accessed from the drive. Disabling the write protection mode will allow you to completely access the data.

Format using Command Prompt is another method you could employ to recover the files.

  1. Click on the start menu and typing “cmd” displays the command prompt. Press enter to open the command prompt.
  2. Then click on the drive that you wish to format.
  • Creating a primary partition and type format followed by the drive you wish to format.

 Is the problem persisting even after employing these methods?

 Do not panic, here is an impeccable application which is free to download on the web and it’s easy to use interface allows the user to recover data conveniently which is a few clicks away. It is compatible with the various versions of Windows and even the latest version Windows 10.

The Recover Windows is an integrated complete recovery tool which allows recovery of data effectively and conveniently. The software recovers lost data incorporating its deep scanning mechanisms to reach out for the corrupted files and advanced algorithms to recover the files.

It can recover data and the recovered files are displayed in an organized manner. The Find tool enables the user to reach out for a specific file very conveniently.

It can recover data from formatted/ reformatted drives and even from lost partitions very effectively. The software can recover lost data from FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT, NTFS, NTFS5 disk types.

The recovered files are presented in an organized manner. The recovered files can be viewed in two different methods being the File type View which presents the recovered data on the basis of file extensions and the Data View displays them in their complete hierarchical format.

Why Recover Windows?

The Save Recovery Session allows the user to freeze and save the progress of the recovery process so that the user can resume the recovery process from the instant the user left off. This reduces the time elapsed due to the repeated scanning of the entire drive which can be tiresome and annoying.

The Open recovery Session empowers the user to open the saved recovery session and continue from the point the user left off.

The First try then Buy allows the user to firstly download the free version of the software available on the web and proceed with the recovery process post-installation process.

 The user can view the recovered files before saving them to their destination folders using the Preview tool.

 But saving the retrieved files to their desired destination folder requires subscribing to the Pro version which entitles the user with additional and advanced features.

Reasons causing the format error

  • Virus and malware’s are always a point of concern in terms of security of the files. Infliction of Virus can render corrupted files or even result in inaccessible drives.
  • There are instances where due to the presence of too many bad sectors on the drive which can result in drive inaccessibility.
  • Installing or upgrading through unauthorized websites or third-party utilities can result in lost files and may also result in an inaccessible drive.
  • The write protection of the drive does not allow any read or write signals. The write protection mode does not allow the format process to complete.


How to Recover Hard Drive Data from Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro?

“I have deleted few vital files from Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro hard drive while I was deleting unnecessary files from it. Those files are quite important for me. Can anyone know how to recover data Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro hard drive without losing a single file?”

If you are facing any data loss due to any known or unknown reasons, then don’t get worried as you can opt Lenovo Hard Drive Recovery software to recover hard drive data from Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro within few mouse clicks.

Reasons behind data loss from Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro hard drive:

  • While deleting unwanted from Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro hard drive, you may delete some vital files from it.
  • You may format your Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro hard drive accidentally.
  • Any interruption while transferring files from Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro hard drive to system or vice-versa may leads to data loss.
  • Virus attack on Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro hard drive may also delete your files from it without giving you any notification.
  • Use of third party software like antivirus program may delete your files of any of files are infected by harmful virus.
  • File system corruption also leads to data loss from Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro hard drive.

Lenovo Hard Drive Recovery software is a powerful data recovery software to recover data from Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro hard drive lost due to any of the above-mentioned reason. It supports recovery of all kinds of files such as pictures, videos, documents, audio, etc. on all major versions of Windows and Mac OS. It recovers data from various types of storage device such as memory stick, FireWire drive, memory card, USB drive, external hard drive, iPods, pen drive, etc.

Features of Lenovo Hard Drive Recovery Software:

  • This software can recover hard drive data from Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro on all major versions of Windows based operating system such as Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows XP, etc.
  • It recovers data from different file system such as NTFS, FAT, NTFS5, ExFAT, etc. and from RAID0, RAID1, and RAID5 partitions within few mouse clicks.
  • This is a read only tool which allows users to recover data from Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro hard drive based on their file name, file size, date of creation of file, etc.
  • Once the recovery of data from Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro hard drive is over, you can view the data before saving them to the desired location.
  • With the help of this software, you can restore files from different brands of hard drive such as Seagate, Samsung, Kingston, Transcend, Western Digital, Iomega, Toshiba, Hitachi, SanDisk, LaCie, Buffalo, Maxtor, Strontium, etc.

Download Software to Recover Hard Drive

Hard drives are the hardware devices which stores the files of any kind based on the availability of storage space.  In recent days, the loss of data on the drive is common. Deletion of data from the hard disk can occur due to many reasons.If important files get deleted from Hard disk and you don’t have backup of lost data, do not worry!! You can easily recover it with the help of external hard drive recovery software.

Hard drive recovery software is designed and fabricated with special scanning algorithm, which scans the drive indeed to recover the deleted or lost data in a few simple mouse clicks.

Reasons behind the deletion or loss of data from hard drive:

  • Accidental deletion is the major human mistake; while wiping out the unimportant data, unintentionally you may delete an important one.
  • Viruses are the primary threats which spreads all over the file system and may corrupt or damage the hard drive.
  • Knowingly or unknowingly Formatting the hard drive will delete the files permanently from the drive.
  • While transferring files from external hard drive to system, any interruption or abrupt system shutdown might wind up the transfer process leading to data loss scenario.
  • Use of untrusted third party tool, error while creating partition may erase the data permanently.
  • Improper handling or abrupt ejection of external hard drive may also damage the drive and files go inaccessible.

If you are facing any above scenario and starving to get back the deleted files. Don’t upset!!!  You have landed on the right page. Hardware recovery software is the prime tool to retrieve files from Hard disk. This toolkit could easily restore the internal as well as an external hard disks without any level of difficulty. Data from formatted drive can be recovered with an ease. Audios, videos, pictures and document of various formats can be restored. Data from different file system like NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, EXFAT, HFS, HFS+ can be recovered with the help of this recovery software. It supports to recover data from lost or deleted partition. The external hard drive of various brands can be recovered easily.

How to recover data from hard drive?

  • Firstly, download and install Hard Drive Recovery software on your operating system.
  • In case of external hard drive scenario, Connect the disk to your system and Run the application.
  • Choose Recover Drives option from the main screen window and choose particular drive from the list of logical drives to perform hard drive recovery and hit on Next option to proceed further.
  • After successful completion of scanning process, one can easily preview the restored data.
  • If you are satisfied with the recovery, purchase the software to save the recovered files on the desired path.

Points to Remember:

  • Before formatting hard drive make sure you have a Backup that helps to restore easily.
  • Use trusted anti-virus or third party tool.
  • External hard drive should be handled with care.

OST to PST Converter Software Convert Exchange OST to PST Free

Recently I worked on MS Outlook app by creating an offline folder. Now, the file gets corrupt or damage imagesdue to virus infection and also it is not responding to any commands. I need to convert such corrupted or damaged OST file to PST file in order to extract the contents of it. But, manually I am unable to convert OST file to PST file. So, can anyone know how to convert corrupt OST file to PST file?

MS Outlook OST file is an offline data file which is created by Outlook users who use MS Exchange Server. It is an email based combined communication server which is used by organizations to enhance remote access to one’s mailbox. This MS Exchange Server includes an email client, email server, etc. for users of a large organization for secure access communications from their system within protected and controlled environment. While users are using Exchange Server account, one can configure MS Outlook to create copy of mailbox which is saved in Exchange Server and store it on system with .ost file extension which is known as offline folder (OST). OST file allows the users to access all the emails and other Outlook attributes of the account even when the account is not connected to Exchange Server. Sometimes, the OST file gets corrupted or damaged due to some known or unknown reasons. But don’t get panic in such situation as you can opt OST to PST Converter software which is capable of repairing corrupted or damaged OST file and convert it to PST file with utmost ease.

Reasons behind corruption of OST file:

  • While you are updating OST file contents with Exchange Server account, there should be complete network connectivity. If network connectivity is not good, then data synchronization will be disturbed which leads to corruption of OST file.
  • Changing of MS Outlook configuration settings due to some errors or software conflicts can corrupt the OST file.
  • Improper migration of MS Outlook migration process, faulty of MS Outlook app, etc. sometimes leads to corruption of OST file thus making file inaccessible.
  • Due to virus attack, OST file may get corrupt.
  • Regular sharing of OST file over unsecured network may lead to its corruption.
  • Abruptly terminating of MS Outlook may lead to corruption of OST file.
  • Moving OST file from default path sometimes lead to OST file issues.
  • If the default size limit of OST file exceeds or crosses max size large OST file can turn out to be unresponsive.
  • Use of unidentified third party app to convert OST file to PST can sometimes cause corrupt to the OST file
  • Sudden power failure during OST file access results in corruption of file.
  • Increase in number of bad sectors on the hard drive may corrupt OST file.

When OST file gets corrupted or damaged, emails and other Outlook attributes will be inaccessible to the users. In such case, you need to convert the inaccessible OST file to PST file with the help of OST to PST Converter software to make it accessible. By converting OST file to PST file on Windows, user can easily access the emails, contacts, and other Outlook attributes.

Features of OST to PST Converter Software:

  • This software is capable of securely converting OST file to PST file and repair all irregularities associated with the file.
  • It supports repairing of OST file from all versions of Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2000, and 2003.
  • The software has an inbuilt scanning algorithm which easily fixes and converts an OST file to PST file without altering or changing the original content of the file as it works on read only mechanism.

Repairing Registry Errors in Windows 7

Not only Windows 7, but all the Windows OS needs proper registry keys for the system to run properly. If you have corrupt or damaged registry keys, then your system may throw you some awkward errors, so you need to repair registry errors Windows 7. You can fix registry errors using various kinds of methods. You can perform a system restore and then select a system restore point but this only works if you have created a system restore point already. If you do this, all the software and their licenses will go back to the previous date and you might lose some valuable data that you have stored afterward.

So, the above action is only recommended to those who have already backed up all the necessary files. If you have not, you are not alone. There are many users who just ignore to take system backup and you have other options too.

This option requires you to install a tool called Remo Repair Registry to repair all the errors which are causing the system to function worse. Watch the video to find out how to repair registry errors in Windows 7.

The software helps you in many ways, it helps in recognizing unwanted registry entries and those which are causing you troubles. It also helps you to backup registry files and defrags the drive too. You might wonder about this software’s functionality that a single software is capable of doing so many things.

Key Features of Remo Repair Registry Tool

  • The software effectively runs the scan to find out all the invalid and unwanted registry entries and wipes them out of your system to boost and increase system performance.
  • Increases Windows 7 system stability as it helps improve software’s performance and not even a single system freezes or hangs when it is use unless you use a software that eats all your RAM.
  • The software has the options for the users to take backup of system registry keys and then use it at the right time when your system is performing bad.
  • Defragments the drive and then speeds up or boosts the system performance.
  • Easy to use user interface that requires no technical knowledge from the users.

What Causes Registry Errors?

It may be due to one or more of the following reasons. Please find the most common reasons of registry errors below.

  • While installing the software downloaded from an unreliable source on your computer, it might affect the registry components in Windows 7 computer makes your computer go crazy.
  • Intrusions of viruses due to the installation of virus infected softwares may cause harm to your computer including corruption of registry keys.
  • Invalid or empty registry keys can cause the system to throw out error messages.
  • User edited registry keys and adding it by following any online tutorial can make your registry editor corrupt and gives you errors.
  • Fragmented registry key entries will make it corrupted and you have no other option than to repair it using a software like Remo Repair Registry.

Laptop Disk Drive Recovery Software

hdd-partition-imageHard disk drive is a storage device used in laptops and personal computers to store data in a relevant way. It stores media file, PDF file, Photoshop file, ZIP file, document file and spreadsheets. Sometimes due to human errors such as accidental formatting and deletion user lose data from hard drive. It leads to severe data loss from hard disk drive. In such horrible condition, user is looking for reliable tool to recover laptop data.

Laptop Disk Recovery is an essential application used to recover deleted or lost files from laptop disk with few simple steps. With the use of this recovery tool, you are able to recover files from different interfaces such IIDE, SCSE and SATA. This tool is capable in recovering files from different brands of laptop such as Dell, Sony, Asus, Lenovo, Apple, Samsung, etc. It recovers file from formatted, corrupted and damaged hard drive in few simple steps.

Reasons for data loss from Laptops

Accidental Deletion: While previewing files on Laptop, if user accidentally press delete button then the selected file is permanently deleted from the laptop.

Improper File Transfer: While moving files from system to laptop or vice versa if certain interruption occurs due to power surge then you lose file and folder from laptop or system.

File System Corruption: The file system contain information of files and folder stored in hard drive. When file system is corrupted due to virus attack then OS is unable to detect the location and finally user have to data loss situation.

Unintentional Formatting: Format option removes file table as a result of which data stored in hard drive become unreachable and user is unable to access data. If user accidentally format drive or partition then file and folder stored in particular drive/partition get deleted permanently from laptop.

You can use Laptop disk recovery tool used to overcome above mentioned scenarios. This software is compatible in recovering files from hard drive on Windows and Mac system. With the assistance of this tool, you can perform data recovery on both 32 bit and 64 bit.

Features of Laptop Disk Recovery

  • This recovery tool is capable in recovering deleted or lost data from hard drives on Windows and Mac systems.
  • The software is compatible with different brands of laptops such as Dell, Sony, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, Samsung, Compaq, etc.
  • It is free from harmful virus and malware programs so it is easy to recover deleted or lost files from laptop hard drives.
  • You are able to find out recovered files from list according to file name, file type, file data and file signature.

Free Tool to Convert OST to PST File

OST is an offline file format used for accessing profile information offline mode as well as recovering the information from Microsoft Outlook. OST is the abbreviation of offline storage table. This OST file works well in a specific area where Outlook is organized with the exchange server in order to share and communicate the info. With the help of this OST file, people can easily access their Outlook profile data without getting connected with the Exchange Server. This OST file let’s uses permits to access the information remotely and also allows them to edit, delete or save the file. The modification that user performs will get updated once user get connected with an Exchange Server.

MS Outlook uses a file to store all the user information such as emails, notes, calendars, tasks, password, username, etc.  It is known as personal storage table. This Outlook file has stored in users system. This Outlook data file saves in system hard drive with .pst extensions. OST file is capable to produce the exact copy of the PST file. Therefore, it is required to fix the corrupted OST file in order to convert OST to PST format. There are a number of causes which may lead to the damaging of Outlook OST file.

Once, the Outlook offline data file gets corrupted, the user will be unable to access their profile information. Microsoft Outlook offers an import and export wizard which helps users to import and export all the mails from Outlook OST to PST files. This is actually the most ordinary method of converting OST to PST files. But sometime, this wizard does not work properly. In such case, user needs to make the use of an advanced third party app such as Convert OST to PST. It is an efficient and highly recommended program for converting OST file to PST.

Before proceeding with the features of this utility let us discuss some reasons which may lead to the damaging of OST file:

File System Error: File system error corrupts the structure of a file by which the some parts of the OST file will be damaged and when user tries to access their Outlook profile offline, then it shows some error message.

Network Issue: Due to fluctuation in connection, Outlook OST file will get damaged. During accessing the application people face some difficulty because of OST file inaccessibility.

Power Surge: Due to sudden power outage, system gets shut down. If the Outlook is running during computer shutdown, then it can be reason behind the damaging of OST file.

File Size limit: Previous versions of Outlook application have some file size limitations. If an OST file crosses that particular size limit, then it could get damaged.

Whatever can be a cause behind OST file corruption user can easily overcome by converting it into PST file by using Convert OST to PST program. This utility is compatible with all the Outlook OST files which have been created by Microsoft Exchange 5.5, 5.0, 2003, 2000, 2007 and 2010. Convert OST to PST application is able to converting OST to PST file which has been created with numerous versions of Outlook including Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, etc. easily.

Know how to repair corrupt RAR files

rarNow a days RAR file is one of the most commonly used for saving a number of files as a single file and also save the drive space by compressing it in small size. This RAR files are very helpful for us. But, however, as the widely use of RAR file, most of the time, people are facing issues with RAR file. At the time of opening RAR file it shows some error message and denies to open. It happens due to the damaging or corruption of RAR file. It is one of the most common problems among the RAR file users. But the question is how to repair RAR corrupt files. These corrupted RAR files can be repaired by utilizing an advanced third party tool because there is no manual way to fix such RAR file related issues.

So to fix RAR file, you can utilize Repair RAR application. This tool has a number of advanced features over other programs available in market which help to repair corrupt RAR files and also ensure us the safety and security of RAR file. Let us talk about some most common causes which lead to the corruption of RAR file:

  • Changing file extension, unlike other file formats, RAR files can get corrupt, if you mistakenly change the file extension. Hence you must know the file extension of RAR file should be “.rar”
  • Computer bugs, these viruses are too harmful for your files and they can corrupt your important RAR files easily.
  • Slow internet, RAR files are prone to damage when they are downloaded from the internet. If the internet is slow, then it causes you RAR file to get damaged easily.
  • Addition of some invalid data or compressing files with any faulty tool causes RAR file to get damaged.
  • Sudden power surge and abrupt system shutdown when you are performing any read/write operation with RAR file leads to the damaged RAR file.
  • When you rotating checksum of the entire RAR file does not match with each other after and before unzipping the files from RAR then this CRC error arises that results in damaged RAR file.

If you want to repair RAR corrupt files which can be damaged in any above maintained reasons, then prefer this reliable Repair RAR tool. It supports to repair RAR corrupt files on all the versions of RAR file. This utility is capable to fix password protected RAR file easily. Other than this you can utilize this Repair RAR program to get back information from corrupted archives RAR files stored on any removable storage devices. This tool is also capable to fix the errors such as “Unexpected end of file”, “CRC check failure”, “archive is either in unknown format or damaged”, etc. from corrupted RAR files.

Repair RAR application is 100% safe and secure. This read only program makes sure that it will not write to the source or the corrupted file and it is free from virus inaction, scanned with an updated antivirus application and is certified by many authorities. Many of the industry experts have reviewed this tool because of its read only mechanism.

Know More About Mac 10.11 EI Captain Updates, Issues, and Fixes

OS X 10.11 El Capitan is the latest version of OS X. On 8 June at the Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple previewed the new version of the Mac operating system alongside iOS 9 and then released a preview version of the new operating system, so that people were able to try it out. However, despite the preview program there were still some complications with OS X El Capitan when it launched. You can download the El Capitan from the Mac App Store.

Mac 10.11 EI Captain

Apple released its preview release of 10.11.4 as a public beta and developer build on 11 January 2016 and through Apple’s website you can able to join the Beta Software Program. There you will be able to download the latest 10.11.4 version update. Unlike the 10.11.3 software update, the 10.11.4 beta holds so many new features by providing the ability to view and share Live Photos through Messages. Like iMessage, this small and useful update will now allow you to view your Live Photos after capturing them on the iPhone 6s Plus and 6s. All the beta testers must agree to license agreement where the agreement specifies that the El Capitan beta is “Apple confidential information.” If you accept Apple’s terms and you must take part in the beta program.

OS X EI Captain 10.11.3 Updates:

On 19 January 2016 Apple released its latest update which can be available to download as a standalone update as an update from El Capitan 10.11.2, as a Combo update from any El Capitan 10.11 version. To download them directly from your Mac by opening System go to Preferences and then go to App Store. Now select the Install OS X updates option. The new 10.11.3 update helps to improve the stability, compatibility and security of Mac.

OS X EI Captain 10.11.2 Updates:

This update helps to improve Wi-Fi reliability, Handoff, and Airdrop. It also solves any issues regarding disconnection of Bluetooth devices, Mail and Exchange interact issues and also has the ability to fix an issue that prevents photos importing from an iPhone to a Mac. You can download this update by visiting the Mac App Store.

OS X EI Captain 10.11.1 Updates:

OS X EI Captain 10.11.1 is the first update released by Apple on 21st October. The company revealed that this update helps to improve the compatibly, stability, and security. It also fixes the mail issue and also fixes the problems with the installation process.

OS X EI Captain Problems, Issues, and Fixes:

There are lot of problems and issues with this operating system as this is the case with the operating system from Apple. Some of them are explained below.

Microsoft Office Mac Issues in EI captain that are Patched in 10.11.1:

Most of the Mac users found email syncing problems in Outlook i.e. the email is getting crashed when it tries to sync with the server. Due to this, they are not able to read the messages unless they access their email via the web and this issue is being experienced by most of the Mac 2011 office users.

El Capitan Breaks UK keyboard – No More £ Key:

When trying to type £ Key, it is typed as a hash sign. Immediately we were doubtful that the keyboard had changed from British English to American English and checked System Preferences and we were right. To fix this issue go to System Preferences and go to Keyboards option. Then go to Input Sources and added the British keyboard by clicking on the + sign.

Spot Light Not Indexing since EI Installation:

After updating to EI Captain, some of the users are facing the problem that spotlight is very slow to respond. It means the spot gets corrupted and you can easily fix it by following the given procedure Go to System Preferences, then click on Spotlight and choose Search Results option.