Recover Deleted or Lost Files on Windows 8 System.

Windows 8 is a new version personal computer operating system developed by Microsoft Corporation. It has introduced so many different features that are not in earlier versions like Google play and so many, and it has Windows Store App which is a digital distribution platform. It has new version of start menu called start screen and an improved version of display screen. Search option in Windows 8 is of different type and it also introduces a newly designed lock screen which is based on metro design language.

Windows 8 operating system finds use in business and home desktops, laptops, PCs and is competing with the mobile OS which includes android and iOS. Although if the Windows 8 contains latest technological advancements and security features it cannot stops the data loss problems occurs in the system like accidental deletion, partition corruption, formatting hard drives etc. In order to retrieve the deleted or lost data software named “Windows 8 Data Recovery software” is used.

The user must be aware of possible reasons behind the deletion of data:

  • Accidental deletion: Accidental deletion is one of the common mistakes made by the user. While deleting the unwanted files the user unfortunately delete the important files by simply pressing Shift + delete key or the user deletes the files by using command prompt.
  • Formatting the hard drive: Format is nothing but wiping all the data from any device. The user accidentally formats the systems hard drive in order to access the inaccessible disk or obtain some space in the hard disk. These results in complete data lost in the hard disk.
  • Virus attacks:The data gets deleted or corrupted by third party applications like virus and malware attack, where malware is nothing but malicious software which is used to disrupt the normal operation of the computer. The virus can enter into the computer through internet connection, or by downloading infected softwares or through infected sites, infected e-mails, or by sharing files.
  • Power failure: While transferring the data from external hard drive to internal hard drive if sudden power failure occurred then the entire data will be lost.
  • Installation error: At the time of installing the windows 8 operating system on computer due to some unavoidable or unexpected glitches the total drive becomes inaccessible. If the user doesn’t select the right options at the time of installation then there may be a chance of format of entire drive.

Features of Windows 8 Data Recovery software: 

  • Windows 8 Data Recovery software is used to recover data from lost, corrupt, deleted, formatted or re-formatted partitions.
  • Windows 8 Data Recovery software supports partitioned hard disk drives like FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT, NTFS, NTFS5 and works successfully on some of the partitions like RAID0, RAID1, RAID5, and HDD partitions.
  • Windows 8 Data Recovery software has the ability to preview the retrieved files before restoring them.
  • Windows 8 Data recovery software has the capability to recover the lost backup files which is happened because of formatting the hard drive. It uses a specially designed scanning algorithm to recover the backup files.
  • Widows 8 data Recovery software is used to recover the data from partitions such as raw partition, NTFS partition and so on.
  • Windows 8 Data Recovery software is used to recover the data after quick format of hard drives such as SATA, SCSI, IDE, and many more.
  • This software is capable of retrieving 300 types of file formats, and it supports save recovery session  in order to skip the scanning process.

How to Recover Files from Western Digital (WD) Hard Drive?

Western Digital hard drive is one of the currently most popular hard drive which is used to store huge amount of data such as video files, audio files, documents, spreadsheets, etc. There are many brands of hard drives are available in the market such as SanDisk, Kingston, Sony, Transcend, etc. These hard drives are very popular among professionals or personal users to store the precious data in safe and secure manner.

However, files get lost from Western Digital due to some several reasons like virus infection, accidental deletion, etc. In this condition, you may get panic and start thinking that how to recover files from Western Digital hard drive? Don’t worry? Be. Relax! Because now it is possible you can recover deleted files from Western Digital hard drive with the help of Western Digital Recovery software. This software has simple interface and even any new user can use it to recover deleted files from Western Digital hard drive with utmost ease.

Scenarios for deletion of files on Western Digital hard drive:

  • Virus infection: Virus is the main cause of corruption of file, if your hard drive infected by virus as their more chance of you may lost your files from Western Digital hard drive..
  • Accidental Format of WD Hard Drive: Sometimes, what happens you wanted to format C: drive but you may accidentally format some other drive that will cause loss of files on that drive.
  • Accidental Deletion: Sometimes, while deleting unwanted files, you may select and delete essential files by using delete button, as a result of this you may delete or lost files from hard drive.
  • File Transfer: Sometimes, while transferring files from one drive to another drive you may accidentally ejection of external drive from computer that will cause loss of files from system.

Other than these reasons for deletion of files on Western Digital hard drive there are few more reasons such as creation of improper backup, sudden shut down of system, bad sectors on hard drive, hardware malfunction, software conflicts, etc. However, irrespective reasons behind the deletion of file from hard drive, you can recover entire deleted files by using Western Digital Recovery software. To get more information, visit:

Significant Features of Western Digital Recovery Software:

  • This is most reliable software specially designed to recover deleted files from hard drives with greater ease,
  • It can recover various types of files such as videos, audios, images, word, etc. from various storage devices like pen drives, USB flash drive, memory cards, memory stick, etc.
  • It got powerful scanning algorithm which is capable of scan hard drive and restore deleted files from hard drives.
  • This software retrieve deleted files with file system FAT 16, FAT 32 , NTFS , NTFS 5 and EXFAT partition of hard drives with greater ease.
  • It has ability to recover deleted files from formatted, damaged and crashed hard drives of various brands like HP, SanDisk, Sony, Lexar, Toshiba, etc.
  • It has provides a better option to preview the recovered files from Western Digital hard drive prior to restoration.

Use this Software to Repair Damaged AVI Video File

Is this your current situation where you are just incapable of playing your video files as before? You may consider the situation when you want to play your saved AVI file which is not opening. These AVI file formats are used to play any video files in more and more interactive way. But in cases if these video files become inaccessible to its users, you will need the repair tool to fix corrupted or damaged video files immediately. Well it is not a big issue to fix damaged video files as so many options you can avail to repair Video files. Only use of Video Repair Tools can sort out the exact problem and look for the solution to fix damaged video file. In any condition each time your video files get corrupted, you should go for the Video Repair Tool.

Various Reasons behind Video File Corruption

Improper Downloading of Video Files: While you are downloading any of your required video file from internet, you may find it out the file which you have downloaded is not complete. May be just because of the interruption during downloading video files, your video files appear as the corrupted one. While trying to play them, it won’t play as some reason for this is incomplete video files.

Problem of Virus Attack: Virus or malware programs may get into your important video files and replicate themselves and then spread into entire video files and cause severe corruption which results video files refuse to play properly.

Improper System Shutdown: As for example suppose you just want to upload your video file through internet and after completing of half data upload your computer shut down and the process of file upload won’t get finished. In regard to the same video files get damaged due to header file corruption all just happens on computer data and videos get damaged undoubtedly.

If that is your most favorite video file you must start looking for the file repair software which can restore your damaged video files without any further data damage to your files. Available Video Repair Tools can simply repair damaged video files internally and create the same one without any kind of file damage problem.

Advanced Features of Video Repair Tool

• Video Repair Tools is the best one to fix problems. As the software covers so many video file formats to repair damaged videos.
• While repairing data it does the same by separating video and audio files separately.
• Due to the simple user interface, this software is the most appreciated one. Including MOV, AVI, DIVX and XVID files this software performs damaged video repair.
• Once the repair process gets over, files will appear as corruption or damage free by make use of video repair tools, users can’t stop chances of file corruption but they can repair them just in single attempt.

Western Digital Hard Drive Data Recovery Software

The high end hard disk of Western Digital, like My Cloud EX4 are almost immune to data corruption. But WD hard disk which are made for day to day life are prone to  loss of data, corruption of files and many other reasons. So, after facing such situation, what is your next step? If you are in search of the tool that can help you to restore data from WD hard drive then Western Digital Recovery software will surely help you.

It is considered as the best and reliable Western Digital HD data recovery software by most of the industry experts to recover deleted or lost data from WD hard drive in an efficient way. Along with WD hard drive data recovery, one can also recover data from other data storage devices manufactured by Western Digital. This unique tool has a great ability to perform Western Digital HD data recovery even after it gets inaccessible due to various factors such as virus infection, bad sector, disk errors and many other.

Scenarios where you could lose your data from Western Digital Hard Drive:

This article will enlighten you about the different cases of WD Hard Disk failure. Let’s have a small look on how your WD hard disk might get corrupt:

  • Sometimes you may have to deal with a situation where an annoying message prompt out saying that your hard disk have to be formatted so that you can access it. This type of error messages shows up when there is lose connectivity in the USB port or if there is problem inside your WD hard disk. In both case you may lose your data.
  • We all know that how virus can badly damage our system. If you have connected your WD hard disk to a source which is already infected by virus it might damage your valuable data.
  • Let’s say you need some extra space in your hard disk, and then you decided to free up some space. You could do this by either deleting some unnecessary files or by using a utility tool, and accidentally you delete your important files. Now that you have lost your files then how to recover it? Well don’t worry we will get it very soon.
  • You are doing some work on your system which involves your WD hard disk and suddenly your system gets restarted or shutdown. The next moment when you turn on your system you find yourself in situation, where you have lost all your data.
  • Overheating is also a factor which could destroy your data in hard disk. Every electronic device including your WD hard disk has a limit to bear high temperature. If your hard disk gets over heated crossing its limit your drive will get damaged and within a brink of an eye all your files are lost.
  • Apart from all of these factor WD hard disk get also get corrupt due to bad sector, inappropriate handling, tampering with the parts of hard disk, disk errors etc., to know more about errors check the link.

Unique features of the software for Western Digital Recovery:

For an amazing brand like WD you need an amazing software like Western Digital Recovery. This software has the following feature which will blow your mind:

  • This software is designed by skilled developers who have used high level of algorithms for Western Digital Recovery. This software is meant to provide 100% satisfaction to the customers, where there is a need of successful Western Digital HD data recovery.
  • This software can recover all types of data of different formats.
  • Has the ability to restore data from internal, external and various other sources.
  • In the demo version you can take a glance of the data which has been restored. Once you buy the software you will be able to restore all the files in a few clicks.
  • This software is compatible with almost all the versions of Windows and Mac OS.

How to Get Back Shift Deleted Files on Windows 8?

Windows 8 is a personal computer operating system is released by Microsoft. This operating system has been accepted by entire world for its highly developed features and a graphical interface. Windows 8 introduces major changes to the operating system’s platform and user interface to improve its user experience on Android tablets, where Windows was now contending with mobile operating system including Android and iOS. This operating system can work on all desktops, pc & laptops.

Sometimes, while you deleting an important file instead of unused file accidentally by using “Shift + Delete” keys. As a result of this you may loss of files permanently from the personal computer. In this terrible condition, you can recover all the Shift Delete files on Windows 8 with the help of Undo Delete tool. Undo Delete is the best tool to recover shift deleted files on Windows 8 with an efficient manner. It has an advanced and deep scanning algorithm that scans the entire drive to undo shift delete Windows 8 with in short span of time.

Common scenarios behind the loss of Shift Delete files:

  • Accidental Deletion: While you deleting an unimportant file but you may accidentally delete the valuable file by using “shift + delete” options. In that case you can’t restore files from Recycle Bin folder, as a result of this you may loss shift delete file permanently on Windows 8.
  • Emptying Recycle Bin Folder: Sometimes, while you selecting and deleting accidentally essential file instead of unwanted file from Recycle Bin folder, which may cause delete or loss files permanently on Windows 8.
  • Due to Exceed Size limit: If the size of Recycle Bin folder greater than 10% of all the hard drive capacity of Window 8, then automatically files loss forever from Windows 8.

All of these are common scenarios behind the file loss due to accidental option Shift + Delete. In such case, the file loss permanently from your personal system. At this terrible condition, the first query arise in your mind how to get back files from storage drive on Windows 8 operating system. At this time, the best tool named as Undo Delete is that help you to restore shift delete Window 8 as well as external storage device.

Exclusive Features of Undo Delete Software:

  • Undo Delete Software is a robust, reliable and secure tool to undo shift deleted Windows 8 operating system.
  • This tool is capable of recovering shift deleted files from on different latest versions of Windows operating system like Windows Server 2003 and 2008 , Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and so on.
  • This application has progressive scanning algorithm which is capable of conducting an effective scanning of emptied Recycle Bin to perform shift deleted file recovery on Windows 8.
  • This tool can recover shift delete files include video files, audio files, image files, documents file s etc. on Windows 8 within less number of steps.
  • This program supports NTFS or FAT file system on Windows 8  operating system.
  • This tool provides a “Preview” option to check recovered files before saving them into a secure location

Retrieve Data from ExFAT SD Card

ExFat is a proprietary file system specially optimized for flash drives, so that you can easily establish communication between Windows as well as Mac Operating system. ExFat is a Microsoft file system, which can be used whenever the NTFS file system is not a feasible solution or when the file size limit of the standard FAT 32 is unacceptable.

The SD card is widely used in this digital world as it comes with high capacity, portability and various other features. It is largely used in many multimedia devices such as digital camera, smart phones, laptops and other electronic devices. SD card ranges from 2GB to 64 GB storage capacity with different file systems like FAT, FAT32, ExFAT, etc.

SD card is used to store all pictures, contacts, music, files, videos, etc. Sometimes if SD card is mishandled or any type of power failure happens then SD card will suffer from data loss situations. If you have accidently formatted your ExFAT SD card then no need to get worried, you can easily recover ExFAT SD card after formatting with the help of Recover Formatted SD card software.

Data loss scenarios on ExFAT SD card

  • Human errors: In some cases while deleting some unwanted data from the SD card unknowingly you might delete important data
  • Formatting: If the photos taken from camera are stored in SD card which are corrupted. Sometimes when you connect SD card to your computer it may ask you to format it. In such condition there is no option other than formatting.
  • Accidently deletion: Sometimes while accessing photos from your camera by mistake you might press delete all button which will erase all of your photos from SD card.
  • Virus attack: Whenever the ExFAT SD card is affected by viruses they will corrupt the file system of the ExFAT SD card.
  • File System corruption: File system contains all the necessary information which is needed to store and retrieve different types of files from ExFAT SD card. sometime file system gets corrupted due to improper ejection of drive, malware infection, bad sectors, etc. if file system gets corrupted then different error messages are reported to the user every time try accessing from that drive.

Always we should be very conscious whenever dealing with digital gadgets, simple mistakes will make you feel guilty. If you also come across the above mentioned data loss scenarios take backup of the essential data on your ExFAT SD card, so that you will be in the safer side even if you lose important data from your SD card. This application is very efficient and helped me to recover ExFAT SD card after formatting it by mistake. Application can be used to restore data from ExFAT SD card on Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows 8, Windows vista, and Windows 7 as well as Mac Operating system.

Features of Recover Formatted SD card

  • It has ability to perform ExFAT SD card recovery with ease which enables you to recover ExFAT SD card in short span of time.
  • Apart from recovering ExFAT SD card, this utility also works with SD card which uses different file system such as FAT 32, FAT 16, etc.
  • From the retrieved data you can find files on the basis of file name, creation date, file size and file extension.
  • This utility allows user to save recovery session in order to avoid rescanning of storage devices and you can save valuable time
  • You can also this tool to recover ExFAT SD card data from different brands such as SanDisk, Kingston, Transcend, Samsung and more.




Restore Outlook Contacts after Format

It is very difficult to memorize each and every person you deal with in your daily life. Therefore it is required to note down their contact details of those people. MS Outlook offers you with one of the useful option know as ‘Contacts’. With the help of this feature, you can keep all the details about the person with whom you have email transactions. In this contact, you can keep all the details about a person that includes name, e-mail, phone number, company, title and others. You can find other benefits of ‘Outlook Contacts’, which can be helpful in making effective communication. With this contact list itself, it is possible to pick any contact and send a meeting request, a task request or an email message. Including the contacts, other attributes like emails, Journals, RSS feeds, calendars, etc will be stored in the single file named as PST. aware

Although this contacts feature is of great help, loss of contacts from Outlook is inevitable. One of the common cause that leads to loss or deletion of contacts from Outlook is due to format. You might format hard drive because of some known or unknown reasons and end up with deletion of contacts stored in the PST file. On such situation you have to make use of the relevant third party tool to recover outlook contacts after format. Well, recover deleted contacts is one of the renowned application that can be applied to retrieve outlook contacts after formatting hard drive.

Causes that leads to loss of contact from Outlook due to format:

  • Consider that you have connected the external device for formatting, on processing this operation accidentally you ended up with formatting the hard drive of the system.
  • Formatting hard disk during the re-partitioning process also result in erasure of files stored in the HDD including the contacts stored in the Outlook application.
  • When you are installing multiple operating systems in same computer, the wrong drive may get formatted by mistake and end up with loss of contacts from Outlook PST file.
  • Sometimes you might accidentally end up in formatting the drive by mistakenly typing wrong commands from the command prompt.

Recover deleted contacts has an ability to recover outlook contacts after format that is caused because of above mentioned reasons or others. This program is highly compatible with Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2008, etc so that you can rescue Outlook contacts after format if you are working with any of these operating systems. This utility helps in recovering contacts from different versions of MS Outlook that includes Outlook 2003, 2010, 2007, 2013, etc.

Recover deleted contacts program helps in restoration of Outlook contacts after formatting computer hard drive of different interfaces like SATA. IDE, SCSI,etc. It has an efficient algorithm which helps in restoring Outlook contacts after format that is encrypted with passwords. Recover deleted contacts is read-only application that reads the source file while scanning and creates a new PST file in order to ensure healthy recovery of PST file. This tool also recovers deleted Outlook Address Book from Outlook. Recover deleted contacts software provides has free demo version, by help of this demo version you can preview recovered Outlook contacts before saving them to the desired location.

Recover Inaccessible Files from Broken USB Flash Drive

USB flash drive is one the external data storage device that contains flash memory with an associated Universal Serial Bus interface. USB drive is a portable data storage device used to store bulk data such as word documents, PPT files, ZIP, RAR files, images, audio clips, video files and many more. This drives are removable, rewritable and physically much smaller than an optical disc.

USB flash drive are mainly used for data backup and transfer of files & folders from one system to other. Flash drives consists of USB mass storage device class so that latest operating systems installed on computer or laptop doesn’t requires device drivers to read and write USB flash drives. Meanwhile, during the transfer of data any sort of interruption occurs such as sudden power failure or abrupt USB flash drive ejection can results in severely broken USB flash drive. To get rid of damaged flash drive make use of Best Flash Drive Recovery software which helps to get back all your vital files and folders from broken or corrupt USB flash drive.

Various Reasons behind Broken USB Flash Drive:

Improper Removal: When USB flash drive is associated with computer for sharing or moving crucial files from USB drive to system or vice versa during this process if you plugged out your flash drive without using proper ejection method this might lead to corruption or broken of USB flash drive.

Bad Sector: Most of the time USB flash drive gets damaged or broken due to presence of bad sectors on computer or laptop hard drive. This makes unable to access essential files and folders from USB flash drive.

Virus Attack: USB flash drives are used on many computers or laptops, they are more prone to virus attack. The virus or malware causes file system corruption or broken and makes the USB flash drive data inaccessible.

There are various other reasons such as power failure, file system corruption, software crash, etc. To overcome form all this data corruption reasons just use the Best Flash Drive Recovery application to recover inaccessible files and folders from broken USB flash drive.

Prominent features of Best Flash Drive Recovery app:

Best Flash Drive Recovery software is built to recover different types of files such as movie files, audio files, images, MS office documents and many other files from broken or damaged USB flash drive. This software is one of the best broken USB flash drive data recovery tool which is free from viruses and other threats. It provides advanced  scanning algorithm to scans for broken or damaged data in a systematic manner and restores files and folders on the basis of file name, size, created or modified date and file type.

Apart from USB flash drive, broken USB flash drive data recovery supports to recover files from other data storage devices like computer hard drive, external hard drive, iPods, thumb drives, FireWire drives, etc. This is also used as best broken USB flash drive data recovery tool for latest version of both Mac and Windows operating systems. This software helps you to recover files from broken USB flash drive of different brands such as Kingston, SanDisk, Transcend, Sony, HP, etc. It also restores important files from formatted, reformatted, damaged, corrupted or inaccessible USB flash drive with ease. It assist you to preview the recovered files and folders before storing them in any desired location. Best Flash Drive Recovery tool is available for demo version and you can recover the files from broken USB flash drive by using free version.


Get Back Your Lost, Deleted Photos from Camera

Have you lost your favorite photos from digital camera due to accidental deletion? Are you still searching for the method to get back your lost or deleted photos? Recover Photos From Camera is an effective utility to recover photos from camera. I have already used this recovery tool, to recover lost photos when my camera memory card got corrupted.

When my digital camera memory got full, I thought of copying the photos to my hard disk, so that I can free memory from SD card to store more photos. But I was not able to access my memory card, I was shocked to see this. Losing it made my head paining, as I couldn’t figure out a solution at that moment.

Fortunately, I retrieved all my lost photos and videos by using this tool. It can recover generic as well as RAW photo file type like JPG, PNG, GIF, DNG, CR2, CRW, KDC, NEF, SR2 etc. Before recovery process getting a fair idea of what caused the losing of photos from memory card will be handy. When your camera memory is corrupted, it means the address of your stored files has been deleted from the memory card. And you are not able to access the photos residing in your memory card. Photo recovery from camera is possible only if the memory has not been overridden.

Some scenario of photo loss from camera

  • Photos may get deleted from your camera storage while previewing photos on digital camera by accidentally pressing delete all button.
  • While transferring photos from camera to computer storage if computer gets shut down due to some reason, in this situation you may lose your photos.
  • Camera memory may also get infected by viruses when connected to an unreliable computer then you might lose your photos.
  • Accidentally formatted camera memory will result in photo loss.

Important features of Recover Photos From Camera tool

  • It recover photos from camera that has been accidentally deleted or lost from your digital camera that may be of any brand such as Fujifilm, Nikon, Canon, Sony, Samsung, Panasonic etc.
  • This utility is compatible with various versions of Mac and Windows operating system.
  • Ability to recover photos from NTFS, NTFS5, FAT16, FAT32, HFS+, HFSX system file format.
  • Recovered photos can be previewed prior to photo restoration.
  • All the recovered photos can be sorted on the basis of photo file name, size, date and extension.
  • The Save Recovery Session feature provides the option to resume the scanning of camera memory after an interruption.

Simple recovery process using Recover Photos From Camera utility

  • Download the Recover Photos From Camera utility from the URL and install it to your computer (Windows or Mac OS).
  • Connect your digital camera to the computer USB port and run the software.
  • You will get the option Recover Photos on the main screen. Click on it then you will get another two option Recover Lost Photos and Recover Deleted Photos in the next screen.
  • Click on the appropriate option then the utility will start searching the camera memory and displays on the screen. Select the camera memory and click on next button.
  • The tool will scan the entire camera memory and recovers all lost/deleted photos and you will get the list of recovered photos on the screen.
  • Instantly you can preview your selected photo files and also you will be able to save the selected photos to the storage you prefer.

How to Fix AVI Index Permanently

“I have an AVI video that says that its index needs to be fixed every time I play it. Is there a permanent solution to this problem or can the AVI index never be fixed?”

AVI index can certainly be fixed but you need to make use of a good repair software for the same.

AVI index is something that needs to be handled very precisely as it’s being repaired and for doing the same you require a certified AVI repair software.

Here’s a tutorial showing you how to repair AVI file index using an AVI repair software for the same.

The above employed AVI repair software can do the repair task in a safe and secure manner.  It can fix all AVI file index without damaging or changing any file contents of the AVI file that is being repaired.

AVI files are nothing but video files that are usually played on media players. They can be played on any media player that is available as of today. Every AVI video comes with an AVI file index which carries vital data of that particular AVI video to which it belongs to.

This AVI index is highly delicate and if damaged can render the entire video to be useless and unplayable. To protect the AVI index, one needs to make sure that he doesn’t play his AVI video on unsupported players for any reason.

Playing AVI videos on unsupported players can cause the AVI index to get severely damaged. When you discover that your AVI file has issues with the AVI index then you need to repair it at the earliest. The best option is to repair your corrupt AVI videos is by repairing them using the above shown AVI repair software.

By using the above software, you’re assured of repairing your corrupt AVI videos index without harming the file anymore. Other AVI repair software may never be able to accomplish this task on your corrupt AVI videos.

This software also gives you the option of selecting the file using an interface which is straightforward and requires not more than four mouse clicks to get your AVI files repaired.

With this software you can repair AVI videos of any length or make versions which makes this software more reliable at all times when you discover that your AVI video needs a repair.

Another striking feature of this software is that it only reads your corrupt AVI videos once in order to repair it. Once the repair process is completed, you get a fresh new copy of the file leaving your original file untouched. This guarantees that you don’t have to worry about losing original files. The newly created healthy AVI file can be played on any media player and is free from all AVI index issues.

Besides fixing AVI file index, the same software can fix unplayable AVI videos as well. regardless of what caused your AVI videos to get corrupt, this software has the best algorithm that is dedicated to identify errors and fix the same it finds them.