Recover deleted files from micro SD card android

Nowadays Android OS based smartphones are widely used around the world because of its outstanding interface and millions of app that can be used over it. Its interface ensures that not only tech geek people but consumers with limited knowledge about phones can easily use them. Although Android phones are loaded with numerous features they lag behind in internal memory space. This requirement of Android phone is fulfilled by micro SD card.

Files that are saved on micro SD card of Android phone get missing due to different reasons. Despite following precautions while using micro SD card on Android phone deletion of files happen. If you are facing any of such problem, then you are at right place. This page contains information regarding the reasons and way how Deleted file recovery from micro SD card on Android phone can be done. You can opt Android smartphone Recovery software which is capable to restore deleted or lost file from micro SD card of Android phone as well as from the internal memory of Android smartphone.

Reasons due to which data may get deleted from Android Smartphone SD card

  • Accidental Deletion: All files has not equal importance, so when you find less memory in micro SD card, you delete unnecessary and redundant files. During deletion of such files, by mistake you may choose important files too and apply delete option.
  • Deletion by Antivirus: Antivirus installed on your Android mobile can delete some files by assuming them as virus.
  • Error While Moving Files: While transferring data using cut paste from micro SD card to another storage device if any one device gets detached then there is a chance of losing data.
  • Using Delete All Option: While deleting unnecessary files, you eventually may use delete all option later you got that there were some important files too, which has also been deleted.
  • Other Reasons: Besides all the above deletion scenarios, you may delete files from Android micro SD card due to variety of reasons such as improper ejection of card, usage of same card over different electronic gadgets, virus attack, corrupted OS, etc.

Under all of the above detailed scenarios you can effortlessly make use of Android smartphone Recovery software. It provides you an easy and effective mechanism to restore deleted or lost file from micro SD card of Android phone. The interface of this software is so simple that even a naïve users can easily use it.

Why Android Smartphone Recovery Software

  • It recovers all types of files like images, audios, videos including .apk files.
  • Recovers files from formatted SD card.
  • Preview is available so you can see which files are recoverable and choose for restoring which you need.
  • You can freely use this utility on different Windows operating systems including Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, etc.
  • This software has one of the best GUI.
  • Can be easily used on different brands of micro SD card Samsung, SanDisk, HP, Transcend, etc.
  • It requires few simple steps to recover deleted files from micro SD card of Android phone.
  • Recovered files can be saved in any available location
  • Free trial version is available using which you can check how much possibility is there to recover your lost data.


Do’s and Don’t :

  • As soon as you are facing data lose problem stop further using of micro SD card to prevent overwrite data. Further use of micro SD card decreases the chance of recovering lost or deleted files.
  • Keep back up of important files in safe storage derive to avoid data lose scenario.
  • Keep your micro SD card virus free, Scan whenever you connect it with your Android device after using it with some other devices.

How to Recover Deleted Photos from Camera SD Card

“I have a digital camera from which I accidentally deleted a few photos that I had on its SD card. Is there a way to get the deleted photos back from my camera’s SD card in any way?”

Of course you can! One can recover deleted photos from camera SD card provided he/she makes use of a photo recovery software for the same.

A video showing you how to recover deleted photos from camera memory card explains in detail how you can go about recovering the photos.

The photo recovery application used in the above video can be employed by you if you’re looking to recover deleted photos from your cameras SD card. This software has the latest recovery algorithm that can retrieve every photo which has gone missing or was deleted from your camera.

Cameras rely heavily on SD cards to save the photos clicked on them. They let you save any number of photos until it runs out of memory. A digital camera supports SD cards of all brands and storage sizes so one can save photos and videos of any format that is supported by his camera on the SD card mounted on it.

An SD card as we all know can lose photos off it due to viruses and user errors. One can have hundreds of photos saved on his cameras SD card and the said photos may not be backed up by the user at all times. Thus the chances of losing photos permanently off your cameras SD card are quite high.

The other way of losing photos is by deletion or formatting the cameras SD card using the inbuilt function provided in your camera. The user might also accidentally end up deleting the photos off his cameras SD card or might even format his SD card accidentally. In either of these cases, the user end up losing the photos from his SD card but one needs to know that the deleted or lost photos from a SD card can be easily recovered with the help of a photo recovery software which will scan your SD card for the photos.

Here’s how it works:-

The deleted photos from cameras SD card will continue to remain on the SD cards memory even after you’ve deleted it. The only reason why it doesn’t show up on the memory is because the file pointer corresponding to the deleted photo is removed, which is the exact reason for it to stop showing up but rather stays on the memory. During its stay in the SD cards memory, you can employ a photo recovery software and retrieve it off the card with ease just like how it’s performed in the video shown above.

However, if you continue to use your SD card even after the deletion then the new photos which get written to your SD card overwrite these photos causing it to be removed or erased off the SD card permanently. After the photo is overwritten, you cannot retrieve it anymore and are gone forever. So it’s advised to not use your SD card after the photo deletion and get a photo recovery software at the earliest.

Features of this Camera SD Card Recovery Software:

  • Supports to recover JPEG and RAW image formats from all brands of SD cards.
  • Supports all camera brands and requires only a few minutes to get back your photos from your SD card.
  • The deleted photos as well as lost photos from your SD card can be retrieved with the above used photo recovery software.
  • It can scan your SD card and recover deleted or lost videos as well.
  • You can save the recovered photos from your SD card to a safe folder of your choice on your computer.

How to Use USB Enclosure to Recover Data from Laptop Hard Disk

Hi friends, I am using Windows based Dell laptop from couple of years which I used to store large amount of personal and entertainment files such as documents, graphical presentations, audios, video clips, movies, etc. Few days back, while accessing the files on hard drive my laptop abruptly got shutdown due to unknown reason. After few minutes, I re-started the laptop again and tried to access the hard drive but it displayed an error message “E: \F is not accessible.” Due to this sort of incidence I have lost some of the crucial files from laptop hard drive. Therefore I am here to know, is it possible to recover deleted or lost data from hard drive? If yes, then please let me know. Thanks in advance!

Well! In today’s world, many users are losing the files from laptop hard drive intentionally or unintentionally due to various reasons such as MBR Corruption, software conflicts, defrag failure, mishandling of hard drive, etc. therefore you don’t get worried. Suppose, if you have witnessed these kinds of situations then the best way to recover data from laptop hard drive is by usage of USB disclosure. It allows you to recover files from inaccessible or failed laptop hard drive in a short period of time. Hence to recover data from laptop hard dive using USB enclosure you can effectively make use of USB Hard Drive Recovery software. It is the best recovering application recommended by many experts for recovering files from Laptop HDD using USB enclosure in few simple clicks.

Scenarios responsible behind loss or deletion of Laptop HDD data:

File System Corruption: File system is used to hold the vital information such as file name, file size, date and file location of each and every file available on laptop hard drive. Thus if any interruption occurs due to some uncertainty within the device then there are chances for file system to get corrupted from laptop hard drive which in turn leads to huge data loss. Thus, if your laptop hard drive got corrupted then simply make use of this tool to recover data from laptop hard drive using USB enclosure in a fraction of minutes.

Re-Installing OS Failure: You could decide to install the upgraded version of Operating System in order to enjoy the advanced techniques and features available on it.  While updating, if any error occurs such as sudden laptop shutdown due to power failure or laptop freeze due to booting failure can lead to OS failure which in turn results in hard drive crash. Hence to get rid of this inadequate situation you can make use of this reliable tool to restore data from laptop HDD using USB enclosure in a short period of time.

Partition Failure: Partition can be added or re-sized manually on laptop hard drive if needed. While partitioning the drive if you encounter any unforeseen technical errors then there are chances for partition failure which in turn leads to inaccessibility of laptop hard drive. Thus to overcome from this issue, you can make use of above mentioned tool to retrieve data from laptop hard drives data using USB enclosure in an effective manner.

Features of USB Hard Drive Recovery Software:

  • It is the appropriate tool to retrieve any kind of data such as audios, videos, texts, e-mail archives, graphics, photo albums and many others from laptop hard drive using USB enclosure.
  • The special scanning algorithm available in this tool has the capability to scan entire laptop hard drive and can restore data which is missed or erased from HDD due to hard drive failure or formatting.
  • This recovering software has the ability to recover various brands of external hard drives such as Seagate, Transcend, Maxtor, Imation, Sony, Samsung, Buffalo, Dell, Toshiba, HP and many others.
  • Once the data is recovered from laptop hard drives by using USB enclosure, it can be sorted on the origin of file name, file size, date and file location.
  • After the files are recovered from laptop HDD using USB enclosure, preview option is used to preview the recovered before storing onto desired location.
  • The preview option in this tool allows you to preview the recovered files before storing onto any desired location.
  • This recovering software can be installed in all versions of Windows and Mac Operating System to recover data from laptop hard drive using USB enclosure.

Data Recovery Software for PNY Memory Card

Recently I had been to tourist place with friends, where I had captured lots of pictures and videos using my Nikon camera in which PNY memory card was inserted to store data. However, at the end of day, while viewing photos one of my friend accidently removed PNY memory card out from camera. Later I reinserted memory card and switched on camera power button, but no pictures and videos were found in it. Later I came to know memory card was corrupted and needs to be repaired. Can anyone help me in restoring all lost files from corrupted PNY memory card?

Usually when user ejects inserted memory card from camera abruptly, there might be chances of card corruption and leads to loss of whole data stored on it. However, users no need to worry; since lost data can be easily recovered from corrupted memory cards with the use of efficient card data recovery software.  Using this application one can easily recover PNY memory card without missing any files in few couple of minutes.

You can utilize this application in various files loss scenarios on PNY memory card, they are..

  • Accidental deletion: There are high chances of losing files from PNY flash card due to accidental deletion. Consider you are viewing files in digital camera of memory card you may press on delete button instead of next button to preview next images, and you without noticing the option will click on delete button and end up with loss of files from flash cards.
  • Formatting: Sometimes when user connects PNY memory card to system using card reader, pops up a message indicating that “memory card need to be formatted for further access. Click on Ok to format”. In such situation, user blindly opt for formatting without thinking about data stored on it and end up with huge data loss.
  • Virus attacks: Few memory cards types are used in various electronic gadgets such as Smartphone, camera, led TV, etc. However, you can easily share data and can use in various devices. Due to this, there might be chance of entering virus attacks easily into memory cards. Later, these virus attacks corrupt all files stored in it and even file system, which leads to card inaccessible.
  • Card usage: Using the same flash drive in various electronic gadgets such as Smartphone, iPod, system, camera, etc might corrupt card file system and results in loss of data.
  • Interruption: Interrupting file transfer process by suddenly switching off camera power button, which is happening between your card and internal storage of camera, might results in loss of files that are being in transferring mode.

Above-mentioned scenarios might results in loss of data from PNY flash drive. It is very annoying thing when user loses very beloved videos and pictures from flash drives due to any reasons.  However, user still have chance to recover them because when files are deleted or formatted on drive, will not permanently vanish quickly. Instead, files reside in memory card only until they are not overwritten by new files. At this time, if you employ card recovery software will scan your USB drives  and attempt to recover all files along with their attributes such as type, size, date, etc. It can recover all types of files from PNY flash drive such as audio, video, images, documents, etc. You can recover more than 300 file types from various brands of memory card using this application.

Special features of software are

  • Supports various brands of flash drives such as Kingston, Samsung, SanDisk, etc
  • Supports various sizes of flash drives such as 4GB, 8GB, 32GB, etc
  • Recovers data from corrupted, damaged, broken and inaccessible PNY memory card
  • Performs safe, secure and quick data recovery from PNY memory cards
  • Provides option to view files before performing actual file recovery
  • Supports card data recovery on both Windows and Mac systems
  • Supports NTFS, NTFS5, FAT16, FAT32, HFSX and HFS+ file system
  • Provides Find tool option to find files quickly in recovered list
  • Displays all recovered files in File Type View and Data View format
  • Supports recovery of files from hard drive, external hard drive, iPod, etc
  • Supports MMC, flash, SD family, XD memory cards etc
  • Provides free technical assistance for 24*7 hours via email and live chat programs

Data Recovery from Micro SD Card that is Not Detecting

Hello friends, I am using HTC desire smart phone since from many months and I used to store data such as MP3 albums, photo gallery, video clips, applications and many others in Micro SD card which is attached with my smart phone. Few days back, I downloaded many video clips from internet which contains high memory thus I decided to backup those video clips to system in order to increase the free memory storage of Micro SD card. After connecting to system via USB storage, when I tried to open the Micro SD card it displayed “SD card not detected” message. I don’t know the exact reason behind this error but due to this sort of message, I lost video clips and other files which are most important to me! Therefore I am here to know, is there any alternate way to recover my files which are lost from my Micro SD card? If there is any way, please let me know as soon as possible! I am eagerly waiting for positive response.

Well! It is a known factor that not only you but many people are losing the files from Micro SD card due to various types of issues as you mentioned therefore don’t get panic because it can be retrieved very easily. Yes! With the usage of reliable Micro SD Card Recovery Software you can restore inaccessible Micro SD card data in a short period of time. It is the well-established utility recommended by group of industry professionals to recover micro SD card not detected data in a simple and effective method.

Let’s discuss the reasons behind “Micro SD Card not detected” notification:

Virus Infection: Viruses are dangerous program as it can reach the Micro SD card very easily due to suspicious reasons such as; downloading any kind of files from pirated websites, receiving the virus infected files from other devices, connecting the Micro SD card to virus attacked PC / laptop, etc. This sort of incidence can corrupt the entire memory card which in turn results in Micro SD card not detected error.

Improper Usage of Micro SD Card: You may use the same Micro SD card to various mobile phones for various reasons. At times, due to any kind of malfunctioning within the SD card it may display Micro SD card not detected message while you try to access it. Therefore, it may leads to huge data deletion or loss from Micro SD card.

Using Old SD card for Long Time: Generally, micro SD card is used to store and back up data in the mobile or digital camera. If you use the same Micro SD card for a very long time then it might fail to read while opening it. Hence this type of situation can leads to Micro SD card not detected error.

There are also some other reasons such as damaged micro SD card, memory card corruption, unsupported file format, file system corruption and so on. Thus to overcome from this type of hectic situations you can make use of Micro SD Card Recovery Software to recover micro SD card not detected data in just a matter of time.

Sparkling Features of Micro SD Card Recovery Software:

  • This is the suitable recovery software to recover any type of files such as MP3 albums, images gallery, video clips, .apk files, documents, etc. from Micro SD card. The advanced scanning algorithm available in this recover software has the efficiency to scan entire Micro SD card in few minutes and allows even beginner users to perform recovery in an easy way.
  • It has the ability to restore not detected data from various brands of Micro SD card such as Kingston, Transcend, SanDisk, Sony, Samsung, Toshiba, HP, Sony and many others.
  • Besides Micro SD card, it has the capacity to recover data from various types of not detected cards such as SD card, memory cards, SDXC cards, Mini card and so on.
  • This recovery utility has the proficiency to support recovery from file system such as FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT, HFS+, HFSX, etc.
  • Once you receive memory card not detected error message then the files may become inaccessible or unreadable but by using this recovering tool, you can easily retrieve such kind of data without any struggle.
  • During the recovery process, if your needed data is detected then you can save such data by using “Save Recovery Session” which also ensures that you do not need to re-scan the files again.
  • Once you recovered the files from not detected memory card then you can preview those files before storing into any desired location.
  • This powerful recover software can be worked well in both Windows and Mac Operating System such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 2003, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks and Yosemite to recover not detected memory card.

Micro SD Card Recovery

Nowadays Micro SD cards have been used in almost all gadgets like Mobiles, Cameras, iPods, Tablets and so on. It has become so famous from its handy size and storage capacity. Basically Micro SD cards are used to store Media files such as Songs, video clips, Photos and many more. Micro SD cards will be categorized using their sizes; different brands will have different storage capacity. As these Micro SD cards are used to store media files as well as other data, there will be chances of getting corrupted during transfer of files from one device to another. Suppose if you lose your data from Micro SD card, no need to worry about it. Now you have Micro SD card recovery tool to recover data from these situations. This Micro SD card recovery tool is used to recover data from corrupted SD card, accidental deletion or accidental format of SD card.


How you might have lost your data from Micro SD card


  • Accidental deletion: As Micro SD card is used to store media files, there more chances of deleting files accidentally. When you’re deleting some repeated photos or unimportant photos, you might accidentally delete some important photos or you might accidentally press delete all option in your camera. Thus, you would have lost all the photos or some important photos from your SD card.
  • Accidental format: When you’re using Micro SD card in digital camera, you would use your Computer system to store those pictures or to view those captured pictures in big screen. Suppose you have stored these pictures in some hard drive segment, and when you want to format your drive, you would have forgotten about your media files and you formatted that drive, along with other files and folder even these media files will also be formatted.
  • Virus attack: When you’re using Micro SD card on your mobile or on virus infected digital camera, there are more chances of corrupting your Micro SD card or when you scan the Micro SD card through Antivirus, it will delete all the virus infected files from SD card.
  • Abnormal Ejection of SD card: Usually few people will remove their Micro SD card without any proper procedure. This may result in corrupted SD card. So when you’re removing Micro SD card, make use of proper procedure and avoid making your SD card corrupted.


Few important features of recovery tool


Micro SD card recovery tool is user friendly because of its detailed step to step instructions, even common with little knowledge can use this tool. This utility provides Find & Sort options through which Micro SD card Recovery becomes simpler.  This program will provide two simple view option- file type view and data type view, using these views users can make the recovery operation simple. It has a strong built in algorithm which scans Micro SD card thoroughly to recover deleted as well as lost data from it that too within few simple step.  This app will recover different image and video file format like MOV, AVI, MP4, etc and MRW, RAW, NEF, CRW, etc…  You can recover micro SD card even after formatting.

Inaccessible SD Card Recovery

Is your SD card become unreadable and don’t have any clue to recover inaccessible data from SD card? If so, then don’t get worried. Just read out this detailed article to know about recovery process with an utmost ease.

What is SD card?

SD card is a memory card which is used to save large amount of data such as MP3 files, photo gallery, video clips, applications and documents. It is commonly used in portable electronic devices like smart phones, digital cameras, camcorders, tablets, iPod’s and so on. Data from SD card can be transferred to PC/Laptop via data cable or USB storage in a short amount of time. Also, it is available in storage capacities and can hold according to your demands.

Even though there are many advantages but still data from SD card may become unreadable which in turn leads to data inaccessible. However, with the assistance of SD Card Recovery Software you can get back inaccessible or lost data in a few simple mouse clicks. This tool is designed and developed by experts to recover sd card cannot read and also to recover data from SD card which are deleted due to unavoidable reasons.

How SD card become unreadable?

  • File system holds necessary information about each and every file which is available on SD card. If file system get corrupted due to any uncertainty within the SD card then there is a possibility for data to become inaccessible.
  • Virus can infect SD card quickly when you try to download files from untrustworthy links or receiving the files / connecting the SD card with virus attacked devices. Once virus enters in SD card then it can easily corrupt the available files which in turns lead to SD card reach unreadable.
  • SD card should be formatted intentionally, if some malfunctioning happens within the card. Once you perform this task without having proper backup then the data become inaccessible.

Whatever may be the reasons involved behind unreadable SD card but if you have encountered such type of situation then make use of SD Card Recovery Software to restore inaccessible data from SD card in a mere span of time.

Attractive Features of SD Card Recovery Software:

  • This software allows you restore lost or inaccessible data from SD card in a short period of time. Special scanning algorithm present in this utility makes recovery method in a simple and effective way.
  • SD card recovery tool has the ability to retrieve numerous kinds of files such as audio files, MP4, image gallery, documents and .apk files.
  • This utility can get back unreadable or inaccessible data from various brands of SD card such as SanDisk, Transcend, Sony, Samsung, Strontium, Kingston and many others.
  • With the usage of this software, you can retrieve data which is unreadable cards which are affected by virus infection, memory card corruption and formatting.
  • This software behaves well in major versions of both Windows and Mac Operating System.

Additional Tips: Did you want to recover deleted or lost data from Windows 8? If so, make use of this page to know about recovery:

Excellent Application to Recover Card Files

Nowadays, our life is epitomized with the creation of digital content. If that includes pictures, videos, music, songs, movies and other media files. And now the question arises to keep the stuff you need to store. In order to keep all these precious media files you need such a device that will be very easy to access and portable. One such device is Memory card. This card gets larger and cheaper and it will be easier to trust much more of your files to them. Most of the storage devices like digital camera, camcorder, etc prefer this Memory card to keep their valuable files. But unfortunately, like other devices, loss of files also takes place with this Memory card.

It has become a common thing that file loss takes place by mistake or mistakenly erases data or has them hiccup on you. And if you are in the habit of holding on to that file for too long, for example, not transferring files from your camera’s memory card to the system or other storage device then disaster is almost guaranteed to strike at some point. This tutorial will be the lifesaver for those readers who have lost files from Memory card because of some known or unknown reasons.

Well, if you want to get rid of the issue of file loss scenarios then it is strongly recommended to use card recovery software. This card recovery tool is enriched with many advanced technology that is developed by expert professionals.

Why to choose this card recovery tool?

One of the core technologies of this card recovery software is that it performs read only operations on your Memory card. This means that it will not move, delete, or modify the original file structure on the card to avoid causing further damage or overwriting. This utility works with the scanning algorithm, it can be able to scan the underlying data in your Memory card in order to recover card files just within a few mouse clicks.

More about this card recovery toolkit

Card recovery program supports recovery of files from Memory cards manufactured by Kingston, Transcend, SanDisk, Verbatim, Sony, Integral, Panasonic, Toshiba, Olympus, etc. It has able to retrieve files from Compact Flash, Memory Stick Duo, Memory Stick Pro Duo, Memory Stick Pro, SD Card, mini-SD, micro-SD, Multimedia Card MMC, Smart Media, XD Picture Card and other storage device with ease. Now it is very easy to recover files from Memory card even if it is not detected on the drive. Look around this page- to get information on recovery of files from Memory card that is not detected. With the support of this tool, you can easily restore digital media files that include JPG, JPEG, TIF, GIF, TIFF, AVI, PNG, BMP, MPEG, MOV, WAV, MIDI, MP3, etc.

Here are some of the situations where you can prefer this card recovery tool for recovery of files from Memory card: Incorrectly formatting card on the system rather than digital camera or mistakenly clicking on Format card option provided on digital camera will lead to loss of files from card. Removing Memory card, switching off the digital camera in between file transfer process or ejection of memory card during read / write process can lead to severe loss of files stored on the card. Intrusion of deadly viruses is one of the key cause behind corruption of memory card file system, because of which user cannot access any files from card.

Easy Methods to Recover SD Card from Virus

Hi, is your data from SD got deleted or lost due to virus infection and you don’t know how to recover it? Just read out this brief article which will show you how to recover data from virus infected SD card with utmost ease.

 About SD card:

SD (Secure Digital) card is one of the types of memory cards which is used to store and backup data in digital cameras, mobile phones, camcorders, etc. It has an ability to store any kind of data such as audio, video clips, images, documents and applications. These are available in various storage capacities ranging up to 64 GB and it can be connected to PC/Laptop via USB or data cable to transfer data between devices very easily.

SD card is a very useful storage device and has many advantages but still there are chances for SD card data to get deleted or lost once it is infected by virus and due to various other reasons which are mentioned below. However, with the usage of SD Card Recovery software, any of you can recover SD card from virus.

How SD card infected by virus?

  • Receiving/Copying Files: Generally, virus enters into SD card when user receives or copies files from virus infected systems, which in turn leads to huge data loss on SD card.
  • Download from Unworthy Websites: Virus has a capability to enter SD card through any attached system. When user downloads any files from unworthy or pirated websites then there is a possibility for virus to corrupt the data on SD card.

Above mentioned are some scenarios responsible for virus infection on SD card which in turn leads to data loss or corruption. Luckily, by using SD Card Recovery Software, any user can easily restore data which is lost or deleted due to virus infection on SD card.

Features of SD Card Recovery Software:

SD Card Recovery Software is an authorized utility which is recommended by many industry professionals to recover data which is lost or deleted due to virus infection and it has an ability to recover any kind of data such as audio, video clips, pictures, documents, presentations, applications and more. This software has a capability to rescue deleted or lost data from various brands of SD card which include SanDisk, Sony, Toshiba, Panasonic, Samsung, and many others. Apart from SD card, it performs recovery of data from CF card, SDHC card, Mini, Micro card, etc. As soon as the data is retrieved, user can sort data on the basis of name, date, modified date, size and file location. By using demo version of this utility user can “preview” the restored files before storing into any desired location which is said to be the major advantage. If you are satisfied with demo version then you can buy licensed version to utilize this software on various versions of Windows and Mac OS. If your data is lost or deleted due to digital camera memory formatting then by using this prominent tool you can recover it easily. To know more about how to recover formatted digital camera memory card, visit this link:  

How to Restore Data from Corrupted Memory Card?

Memory Card is basically a flash storage device which is normally used these days to store data on all types of electronic devices like mobile phones, digital cameras, iPods etc. It is widely used these days due to its outstanding features such as small size, portable in nature, ease of use, capacity and high compatibility. It is frequently used to swap data among different digital devices. There are different types of memory cards like CF, SD, XD, SDHC and many more. Apart from all these outstanding features, sometimes you encounter data loss problems in memory cards due to virus attack, inappropriate ejection of memory card or ejecting card from a card reader when it is connected to the system etc. None of you can afford to lose precious pictures or music files at any cost. So, to get back data from corrupted memory card you require efficient recover corrupted software by using which recovering data from corrupted memory card becomes very simple. This software can restore corrupted drive data on any storage device like USB drive, Memory card, system hard drive, etc in few clicks.

Scenarios that results in corruption or damage of memory card

  • Virus attack – Viruses are the most general reason for corruption. Viruses can affect important files in memory card, which may in turn result in data loss.
  • Improper ejection of memory card – Once you transfer files from memory card to the computer or vice versa, if the memory card is not removed safely from the computer, then the files will be lost as a result of memory card corruption.
  • Power failure – While transferring files from memory card to computer, if there is a sudden power failure, then it may lead to corruption of memory card. This may in turn allows you to lose important data from memory card.
  • Sudden system shutdown – During data transfer, if one shuts down the system forcefully or unknowingly then there are chances that your memory card gets severely corrupted.

If you have ever come across with any of the situations mentioned above, then make use of effective recover corrupted software to get back data from corrupted memory card as mentioned before. Recover corrupted software uses high-end technique to restore data from corrupted memory card. It helps you to recover data such as pictures, audio, videos, documents etc. with ease. It not only helps you to recover corrupted memory card data, but helps you to recover data from damaged, formatted, re-formatted memory card with ease. This software also supports recovery of pictures from digital camera and from other different electronic devices with ease. This software facilitates you to recover corrupted drive data of different memory cards like SD, SDHC, CF, MMC and Memory Stick etc.

This software has a simple interface by using which you can get back data from corrupted memory card without much effort.    It has the ability to recover data from memory card of different brands like, SanDisk, Kingston, Sony, Fujifilm etc. You can perform corrupted drive recovery of different storage devices like USB drive, FireWire drive, flash drive etc. by using this software. You can make use of the free demo version of the software. If you are ok with the obtained results, then you can purchase this software.