Best Way to Reclaim Lost Contacts on Outlook PST

Are you looking for application that can help you in sorting out query like” How to recover deleted/lost Outlook contacts?” Need not get depressed, in such state of affair and simply try making use of application like, Microsoft PST Repair Tool as early as possible. This software is very much proficient in handling situation like this one. Contacts which are one of the attribute of the PST file of Outlook holds different peoples contact list that can be accessed whenever required by the user. The contacts list can go missing from PST file of Outlook due to wide range of reasons; some of them are discussed as below:

Oversizing of the PST file: Each of the Outlook versions has got maximum size of the PST file, above which it gets corrupted and thus making each of the attribute of the PST file inaccessible to user. When such type of corruption happen over the MS Outlook PST file message like “xzas.PST cannot be accessed – 0x80040116.” The only possible solution in such pitiful situation is making use of repair tool that can fix corrupted PST file.

Improper Termination of PST file: Same as any of the file formats if PST file gets closed improperly then chances of PST file corruption is quite high. When PST file gets improperly terminated then it is possible that its Header File may get corrupted that holds entire description about the MS Outlook file.

Virus Attack: Since Outlook directly work in coordination of internet then it is very much possible that it may get corrupted due to some of the viruses that get inside the PST file from malicious emails that is received by the user.

Changing of Outlook version: Sometime while changing the version of the MS Outlook, it gets corrupted due to some disturbance while the process is in progress.

Other Reasons: accidental deletion, deletion from Deleted Item folder, usage of third party software and various others.

Each of the above stated circumstances of contact lost/deleted can be handled by use of Microsoft PST Repair Tool. This software is very well versed with various versions of Windows operating system including Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. At certain situation people avoid making use of repair tool because they think that their details will be compromised, but actually this isn’t true. When any PST file is fixed its password keep intact even after repair process is done. This software scans the old PST file and develops a new PST file having each of the features and details that old one had. If you wish to have a bit descriptive idea of this PST repair software, then take a look at  “Method to recover deleted/lost Outlook contacts.”