Recover deleted files from micro SD card android

Nowadays Android OS based smartphones are widely used around the world because of its outstanding interface and millions of app that can be used over it. Its interface ensures that not only tech geek people but consumers with limited knowledge about phones can easily use them. Although Android phones are loaded with numerous features they lag behind in internal memory space. This requirement of Android phone is fulfilled by micro SD card.

Files that are saved on micro SD card of Android phone get missing due to different reasons. Despite following precautions while using micro SD card on Android phone deletion of files happen. If you are facing any of such problem, then you are at right place. This page contains information regarding the reasons and way how Deleted file recovery from micro SD card on Android phone can be done. You can opt Android smartphone Recovery software which is capable to restore deleted or lost file from micro SD card of Android phone as well as from the internal memory of Android smartphone.

Reasons due to which data may get deleted from Android Smartphone SD card

  • Accidental Deletion: All files has not equal importance, so when you find less memory in micro SD card, you delete unnecessary and redundant files. During deletion of such files, by mistake you may choose important files too and apply delete option.
  • Deletion by Antivirus: Antivirus installed on your Android mobile can delete some files by assuming them as virus.
  • Error While Moving Files: While transferring data using cut paste from micro SD card to another storage device if any one device gets detached then there is a chance of losing data.
  • Using Delete All Option: While deleting unnecessary files, you eventually may use delete all option later you got that there were some important files too, which has also been deleted.
  • Other Reasons: Besides all the above deletion scenarios, you may delete files from Android micro SD card due to variety of reasons such as improper ejection of card, usage of same card over different electronic gadgets, virus attack, corrupted OS, etc.

Under all of the above detailed scenarios you can effortlessly make use of Android smartphone Recovery software. It provides you an easy and effective mechanism to restore deleted or lost file from micro SD card of Android phone. The interface of this software is so simple that even a naïve users can easily use it.

Why Android Smartphone Recovery Software

  • It recovers all types of files like images, audios, videos including .apk files.
  • Recovers files from formatted SD card.
  • Preview is available so you can see which files are recoverable and choose for restoring which you need.
  • You can freely use this utility on different Windows operating systems including Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, etc.
  • This software has one of the best GUI.
  • Can be easily used on different brands of micro SD card Samsung, SanDisk, HP, Transcend, etc.
  • It requires few simple steps to recover deleted files from micro SD card of Android phone.
  • Recovered files can be saved in any available location
  • Free trial version is available using which you can check how much possibility is there to recover your lost data.


Do’s and Don’t :

  • As soon as you are facing data lose problem stop further using of micro SD card to prevent overwrite data. Further use of micro SD card decreases the chance of recovering lost or deleted files.
  • Keep back up of important files in safe storage derive to avoid data lose scenario.
  • Keep your micro SD card virus free, Scan whenever you connect it with your Android device after using it with some other devices.