How to Use USB Enclosure to Recover Data from Laptop Hard Disk

Hi friends, I am using Windows based Dell laptop from couple of years which I used to store large amount of personal and entertainment files such as documents, graphical presentations, audios, video clips, movies, etc. Few days back, while accessing the files on hard drive my laptop abruptly got shutdown due to unknown reason. After few minutes, I re-started the laptop again and tried to access the hard drive but it displayed an error message “E: \F is not accessible.” Due to this sort of incidence I have lost some of the crucial files from laptop hard drive. Therefore I am here to know, is it possible to recover deleted or lost data from hard drive? If yes, then please let me know. Thanks in advance!

Well! In today’s world, many users are losing the files from laptop hard drive intentionally or unintentionally due to various reasons such as MBR Corruption, software conflicts, defrag failure, mishandling of hard drive, etc. therefore you don’t get worried. Suppose, if you have witnessed these kinds of situations then the best way to recover data from laptop hard drive is by usage of USB disclosure. It allows you to recover files from inaccessible or failed laptop hard drive in a short period of time. Hence to recover data from laptop hard dive using USB enclosure you can effectively make use of USB Hard Drive Recovery software. It is the best recovering application recommended by many experts for recovering files from Laptop HDD using USB enclosure in few simple clicks.

Scenarios responsible behind loss or deletion of Laptop HDD data:

File System Corruption: File system is used to hold the vital information such as file name, file size, date and file location of each and every file available on laptop hard drive. Thus if any interruption occurs due to some uncertainty within the device then there are chances for file system to get corrupted from laptop hard drive which in turn leads to huge data loss. Thus, if your laptop hard drive got corrupted then simply make use of this tool to recover data from laptop hard drive using USB enclosure in a fraction of minutes.

Re-Installing OS Failure: You could decide to install the upgraded version of Operating System in order to enjoy the advanced techniques and features available on it.  While updating, if any error occurs such as sudden laptop shutdown due to power failure or laptop freeze due to booting failure can lead to OS failure which in turn results in hard drive crash. Hence to get rid of this inadequate situation you can make use of this reliable tool to restore data from laptop HDD using USB enclosure in a short period of time.

Partition Failure: Partition can be added or re-sized manually on laptop hard drive if needed. While partitioning the drive if you encounter any unforeseen technical errors then there are chances for partition failure which in turn leads to inaccessibility of laptop hard drive. Thus to overcome from this issue, you can make use of above mentioned tool to retrieve data from laptop hard drives data using USB enclosure in an effective manner.

Features of USB Hard Drive Recovery Software:

  • It is the appropriate tool to retrieve any kind of data such as audios, videos, texts, e-mail archives, graphics, photo albums and many others from laptop hard drive using USB enclosure.
  • The special scanning algorithm available in this tool has the capability to scan entire laptop hard drive and can restore data which is missed or erased from HDD due to hard drive failure or formatting.
  • This recovering software has the ability to recover various brands of external hard drives such as Seagate, Transcend, Maxtor, Imation, Sony, Samsung, Buffalo, Dell, Toshiba, HP and many others.
  • Once the data is recovered from laptop hard drives by using USB enclosure, it can be sorted on the origin of file name, file size, date and file location.
  • After the files are recovered from laptop HDD using USB enclosure, preview option is used to preview the recovered before storing onto desired location.
  • The preview option in this tool allows you to preview the recovered files before storing onto any desired location.
  • This recovering software can be installed in all versions of Windows and Mac Operating System to recover data from laptop hard drive using USB enclosure.