Software to Fix Outlook 2013 PST file

Outlook stores all the information in a single file termed as PST file.  If your PST file gets corrupted then you can make use of inbuilt scanpst.exe (i.e. Inbox Repair tool) in order to access PST file attributes. Here are the steps that will assist you to fix Outlook file

Note: The below mentioned steps can be followed on all the latest versions of Outlook including Outlook 2013 / 2016. You can execute these steps on the entire Windows platform

How to Repair Outlook Data Files (.pst)?

  1. Exit Microsoft Outlook
  2. Go the Search Box and enter scanpst.exe
  3. Once you find exe, double click on it
  4. Click on Browse button to select .pst file that you wish to fix
  5. Click on Start button to initiate the scanning process in order to locate the errors
  6. Click on Repair tab if the scanning process prompts you any errors in the PST file

Well, there are certain situations where you are not able to fix Outlook 2013 PST file by using scanpst.exe tool. One of the advanced PST repair software is Remo PST Repair tool that helps you in fixing PST file within easy clicks.

What you should do if your OST file is not working?

Sometimes, users may also work offline when there is no connectivity of Outlook Exchange Server. Since you are working offline, all the information gets stored in OST file. At times, OST file corruption occurs due to synchronization errors.

In order to resolve the issue in OST file, you need to recreate the offline Outlook data file (.ost)

  1. Exit the Microsoft Outlook application
  2. Go to Control Panel and double-click on Mail
  3. Click Email Accounts in Mail Setup box
  4. Select Data Files, choose Exchange account and click on Open File Location
  5. Close Account Settings and the Mail Setup window, and then continue on the file explorer window
  6. Right click on the Exchange data file and hit on Delete button
  7. After completion of the above instructions, a new .ost file is created for the desired Outlook account

Corrupted PST File Repair Tool


Microsoft Outlook is designed and developed by Microsoft for the purpose of sending and receiving emails for corporates more than an individual. It is a world wild personal information manager usually they are used by the business professionals for getting contact with their clients.Microsoft Outlook supports data file compression, Add-in resiliency, Attachment reminder, Startup performance, Exchange ActiveSync, Cached Exchange mode, People hub and IMAP which are necessary for a personal assistant.

Microsoft outlook allows the users to manage its attributes such as emails, calendar, tasks, journals, contacts, notes and reminders in both online and offline mode using any windows devices including Microsoft mobiles.

Reasons of PST file corruption

Bad sectors issues: Moving or saving PST file on bad sectors of the hard drive may corrupts PST file and it may affect Outlook profile inaccessible.

Improper shut down: Files may be damaged or corrupt due to the suddenly shut down of computer due to power failure while using Outlook application. Careless and Improper shut down of computer while are performing task may corrupt and damage PSD files

Critical virus attack: Viruses and malwares are serious threat to the files stored in the hard drive includes the PST files. If virus get into the computer they will corrupt the PST file and the Outlook profile will become inaccessible.

PST file format exceeds limited size: File size limit for Outlook files are fixed. If the PST files format is more than the limit then the file will not get stored in Outlook account it may causes corruption. Outlook will reject the file by showing the message “Outlook.PST cannot be accessed” error with a strange numeric code following it like – 0x80040116.

Other issues: Error occurrences while trying to upgrade Outlook application, logical errors, technical error of computer, Error in network, etc.  Also damaged PST file.

How to repair corrupted PST file

I Have lost access to my Outlook profile due to PST file corruption can anyone help me repair corrupted PST file? Don’t Worry! Go forward with fix PST utility.  It is the perfect solution for damaged PST file repair.

Fix PST File repire tool ensure safe and secured repairing of PST file that are damaged in any situations. It is a read only application specially designed for damaged PST file repair so it creates a new copy of PST file that have to be fixed without affecting other files in Outlook. It is also used to fix CRC Error in Outlook PST file.

  • Fix PST utility can easily repire the files that are not repaired by Microsoft ScanPST.exe recover utility in Outlook.
  • It easily recover attributes like virus infected emails, drafts, zipped attachments, email properties ,RSS feeds, note, calendar items, journals, and emails from corrupt PST file
  • It can repair PST file created with Outlook like Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, etc.
  • It supported on Windows Operating System such as Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows 2008, etc.
  • If you have any doubts regarding the utility and damaged PST file repair, you can clarify your queries from the professional technical support team.