Software to Retrieve Deleted Photos from Memory Card

“So I went trekking yesterday and used my camera for clicking pics and had close to 900 pics by the end of the trekking session. However, as soon as I reached home my son connected the camera to his PC and found all pics missing from the SD card.  I quickly searched the internal memory of the camera but couldn’t find a single photo so i finally concluded that it’s the card that’s corrupt. So my only concern right now is whether I will be able to get them back once again?”

Of course, you can certainly recover them! A recovery application is all what you should put to use in order to recover photos from your memory card. Here’s the software that recovers all photos from your memory card regardless of the cause that made the photos to be deleted.

Memory cards are essentially the most preferred storage devices suited for almost all electronic gadgets as of today. They’re small, efficient and possess the foremost prerequisite i.e. they come in a variety of storage sizes allowing you to save any number of data on it. They fit within the palm of your hands making it highly convenient to carry them around. To date, one can find SD cards up to 128GB! Memory cards can even be hooked on to a adaptor and connect those to a PC for easy read/write. But data loss is something that’s quite inevitable on memory cards. You can save countless photos on a memory card but you cannot count on it on all occasions if you do not carry a backup. There are countless cases whereby users lose data from their memory card which is followed by regret for not creating a backup. However, as described above, you can still perform recovery on any memory card and get all your photos back with the aid of a recovery software like the one that’s shown above in the video.

Causes for Photo Loss from Memory card:

  • Accidentally or forcefully taking out the memory card from your device when it’s still in use.
  • Clicking pictures while the device is operating on a low power.
  • Firmware fault may result in clicking faulty pics that are most likely not saved to the card.
  • Viruses within the memory card possess the potential to delete images from it.

Features of This Particular Recovery software:

This software can easily recover photos from all SD card brands and sizes and can recover images of almost all extensions like .jpeg,. png,. jpg,. gif and so forth. It also runs on a simple interface helping you to use the app in an effortless, simple and easy fashion. It’s among the only recovery app that can recover deleted or missing photos in only a few minutes from a memory card. It lets you to save the recovered photos to some safe folder and goes to the target folder after the recovery is complete.

Thumb Drive Not Recognized Recovery Program

A thumb drive which is also known as flash drive or jump drive is a portable data storage device that stores various data. Thumb drive is used to store data and to transfer those stored files from one system to another. It has the ability to retain the information without the power supply. Thumb drive is re-writable and it will fit to any USB port on the computers. By using this thumb drive you can plug into a computer and will not have to restart it in order to access the thumb drive. Taking thumb drive from one system to another may cause conflicts to the drive letter which prevents them from being recognized as available storage device.

Devices like thumb drives that are made with proven parts may tend to function normally and if the device is unplugged while read or write function is being processed; you will get some of the error messages stating that thumb drive not recognized, USB device problem, unknown device etc. Now let us consider a scenario that when read or write process is in progress on the thumb drive which is connected to the system, you had unplugged the device from system unintentionally. This damaged the drive such that is stopped functioning further and as a result all the files on that drive were corrupt. However you need not worry as you have got many recovery programs that help to handle such situations of data loss. Here are some more scenarios that lead to data loss from the drives.

Causes for data loss from thumb drive

  • Unsupported format: Sometimes USB drive may not be supported by your local machine resulting which you may lose your important files which you wanted to access may become inaccessible.
  • Virus Infection– Virus will be the leading cause for loss of files from the thumb drive. If it is inserted into a computer having virus it contracts infection and causes data loss. If these drives get affected by the viruses then most of the files stored in these drives may get deleted or corrupted that travels through an infected system.
  • File Reformatting– This problem may occur when there are any irregularities in the file system of the drive. And during this process, occurrence of any errors may lead to inaccessibility of the files.

These are the common reasons as how you will be losing you data from the thumb drive. Data loss can happen by various reasons computer virus, power failure, unexpected system shutdown, emptied recycle bin etc. But by taking the backup you can be able to access your data back which is lost. But if you don’t have the backup facility then you may suffer with the inconvenience as you had lost your important data. You may be searching for the recovery tool which has an ability to restore your lost data back. Then here is the best solution for your problem, memory stick recovery program will guide you on how to restore the lost data files. It has a high end up module that even recovers data and files after formatting and reformatting of the system. It also has the ability to recover the files from the error showing drive.

Salient features of this application

  • Using this utility data recovery from Memory Stick is quiet easy and time saving.
  • This software has the ability to restore most popular media files like audio, video, digital raw photos etc. formats on the basis of their unique signatures.
  • User can easily retrieve deleted files from Memory Stick by installing this software on their system.

This software has been designed with built-in special algorithms which have an ability to recover the media files and even RAW photo formats. It also supports in Memory Stick recovery when any data is lost from the storage device. Just have a peek at this site to understand more about this rescue tool.