Easy Methods to Recover SD Card from Virus

Hi, is your data from SD got deleted or lost due to virus infection and you don’t know how to recover it? Just read out this brief article which will show you how to recover data from virus infected SD card with utmost ease.

 About SD card:

SD (Secure Digital) card is one of the types of memory cards which is used to store and backup data in digital cameras, mobile phones, camcorders, etc. It has an ability to store any kind of data such as audio, video clips, images, documents and applications. These are available in various storage capacities ranging up to 64 GB and it can be connected to PC/Laptop via USB or data cable to transfer data between devices very easily.

SD card is a very useful storage device and has many advantages but still there are chances for SD card data to get deleted or lost once it is infected by virus and due to various other reasons which are mentioned below. However, with the usage of SD Card Recovery software, any of you can recover SD card from virus.

How SD card infected by virus?

  • Receiving/Copying Files: Generally, virus enters into SD card when user receives or copies files from virus infected systems, which in turn leads to huge data loss on SD card.
  • Download from Unworthy Websites: Virus has a capability to enter SD card through any attached system. When user downloads any files from unworthy or pirated websites then there is a possibility for virus to corrupt the data on SD card.

Above mentioned are some scenarios responsible for virus infection on SD card which in turn leads to data loss or corruption. Luckily, by using SD Card Recovery Software, any user can easily restore data which is lost or deleted due to virus infection on SD card.

Features of SD Card Recovery Software:

SD Card Recovery Software is an authorized utility which is recommended by many industry professionals to recover data which is lost or deleted due to virus infection and it has an ability to recover any kind of data such as audio, video clips, pictures, documents, presentations, applications and more. This software has a capability to rescue deleted or lost data from various brands of SD card which include SanDisk, Sony, Toshiba, Panasonic, Samsung, and many others. Apart from SD card, it performs recovery of data from CF card, SDHC card, Mini, Micro card, etc. As soon as the data is retrieved, user can sort data on the basis of name, date, modified date, size and file location. By using demo version of this utility user can “preview” the restored files before storing into any desired location which is said to be the major advantage. If you are satisfied with demo version then you can buy licensed version to utilize this software on various versions of Windows and Mac OS. If your data is lost or deleted due to digital camera memory formatting then by using this prominent tool you can recover it easily. To know more about how to recover formatted digital camera memory card, visit this link: http://www.recoverformattedsdcard.com/digital-camera-memory.html.