Excellent tool to restore files from SanDisk memory card

SanDisk memory card are the portable storage drive, which are normally used in electronic gadgets like camcorders, digital cameras, mobile phones, etc. To avoid the compatibility issues while using flash cards, most of the memory cards are manufactured with FAT file system. No matter how careful about the files or folders saved on memory cards, there are times where most of the users knowingly or unknowingly lose their precious files from flash cards. It is quit painful if you lose your valuable files or folders, but at the same time, it is absolutely impossible prevent the loss of files. Do not worry in such instances; you can easily restore lost or deleted files from SanDisk memory card at free. Free Memory Card Recovery is one powerful application, which helps to retrieve all types of files from memory sticks in few simple mouse clicks.

Free Memory Card Recovery is the most effective memory card recovery software when compared to other recovery tools. It is facilitated with powerful scanning mechanism which helps in scanning very bit of the memory card to find and restore the data that are deleted or lost. Apart from SanDisk it is also compactable with other memory card manufacturing brands such as Transcend, Kingston, Sony, Dell, HP, Lexar etc.

Let’s see some of the common reasons behind data loss from SanDisk memory card:

  • Accidental deletion: Sometimes, while previewing pictures on your camera, there are chances that you might accidentally press “Delete All” option, due to which all your precious pictures will be deleted from your camera memory card.
  • Due to formatting: Sometimes, you might knowingly or unknowingly format the flash memory card when it is being connected to PC or laptop then complete data from memory card gets wiped out and results in data loss.
  • Virus infection: If your memory card is infected by malicious viruses, then there are possibilities that your memory card might be corrupted and in worst can become inaccessible; due to this you lose you’re most valuable data.

No matter how data are lost or deleted from your SanDisk memory card, it can be easily recovered by employing this most trustworthy software which is specially designed for restoring files or folders deleted or lost from SanDisk memory card.

Popular features of Free Memory Card Recovery:

  • It can be utilized to restore files from memory card of various types for example. SD card, SDHC card, MMC card, XD card etc.
  • You can even restore pictures which are taken from various manufacturing brands of camera memory card such as Samsung, Canon, Nikon, Kodak, Fujifilm, Olympus, Panasonic and many more.