Free Tool to Convert OST to PST File

OST is an offline file format used for accessing profile information offline mode as well as recovering the information from Microsoft Outlook. OST is the abbreviation of offline storage table. This OST file works well in a specific area where Outlook is organized with the exchange server in order to share and communicate the info. With the help of this OST file, people can easily access their Outlook profile data without getting connected with the Exchange Server. This OST file let’s uses permits to access the information remotely and also allows them to edit, delete or save the file. The modification that user performs will get updated once user get connected with an Exchange Server.

MS Outlook uses a file to store all the user information such as emails, notes, calendars, tasks, password, username, etc.  It is known as personal storage table. This Outlook file has stored in users system. This Outlook data file saves in system hard drive with .pst extensions. OST file is capable to produce the exact copy of the PST file. Therefore, it is required to fix the corrupted OST file in order to convert OST to PST format. There are a number of causes which may lead to the damaging of Outlook OST file.

Once, the Outlook offline data file gets corrupted, the user will be unable to access their profile information. Microsoft Outlook offers an import and export wizard which helps users to import and export all the mails from Outlook OST to PST files. This is actually the most ordinary method of converting OST to PST files. But sometime, this wizard does not work properly. In such case, user needs to make the use of an advanced third party app such as Convert OST to PST. It is an efficient and highly recommended program for converting OST file to PST.

Before proceeding with the features of this utility let us discuss some reasons which may lead to the damaging of OST file:

File System Error: File system error corrupts the structure of a file by which the some parts of the OST file will be damaged and when user tries to access their Outlook profile offline, then it shows some error message.

Network Issue: Due to fluctuation in connection, Outlook OST file will get damaged. During accessing the application people face some difficulty because of OST file inaccessibility.

Power Surge: Due to sudden power outage, system gets shut down. If the Outlook is running during computer shutdown, then it can be reason behind the damaging of OST file.

File Size limit: Previous versions of Outlook application have some file size limitations. If an OST file crosses that particular size limit, then it could get damaged.

Whatever can be a cause behind OST file corruption user can easily overcome by converting it into PST file by using Convert OST to PST program. This utility is compatible with all the Outlook OST files which have been created by Microsoft Exchange 5.5, 5.0, 2003, 2000, 2007 and 2010. Convert OST to PST application is able to converting OST to PST file which has been created with numerous versions of Outlook including Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, etc. easily.