How to Fix AVI Index Permanently

“I have an AVI video that says that its index needs to be fixed every time I play it. Is there a permanent solution to this problem or can the AVI index never be fixed?”

AVI index can certainly be fixed but you need to make use of a good repair software for the same.

AVI index is something that needs to be handled very precisely as it’s being repaired and for doing the same you require a certified AVI repair software.

Here’s a tutorial showing you how to repair AVI file index using an AVI repair software for the same.

The above employed AVI repair software can do the repair task in a safe and secure manner.  It can fix all AVI file index without damaging or changing any file contents of the AVI file that is being repaired.

AVI files are nothing but video files that are usually played on media players. They can be played on any media player that is available as of today. Every AVI video comes with an AVI file index which carries vital data of that particular AVI video to which it belongs to.

This AVI index is highly delicate and if damaged can render the entire video to be useless and unplayable. To protect the AVI index, one needs to make sure that he doesn’t play his AVI video on unsupported players for any reason.

Playing AVI videos on unsupported players can cause the AVI index to get severely damaged. When you discover that your AVI file has issues with the AVI index then you need to repair it at the earliest. The best option is to repair your corrupt AVI videos is by repairing them using the above shown AVI repair software.

By using the above software, you’re assured of repairing your corrupt AVI videos index without harming the file anymore. Other AVI repair software may never be able to accomplish this task on your corrupt AVI videos.

This software also gives you the option of selecting the file using an interface which is straightforward and requires not more than four mouse clicks to get your AVI files repaired.

With this software you can repair AVI videos of any length or make versions which makes this software more reliable at all times when you discover that your AVI video needs a repair.

Another striking feature of this software is that it only reads your corrupt AVI videos once in order to repair it. Once the repair process is completed, you get a fresh new copy of the file leaving your original file untouched. This guarantees that you don’t have to worry about losing original files. The newly created healthy AVI file can be played on any media player and is free from all AVI index issues.

Besides fixing AVI file index, the same software can fix unplayable AVI videos as well. regardless of what caused your AVI videos to get corrupt, this software has the best algorithm that is dedicated to identify errors and fix the same it finds them.