How to Fix Windows Was Unable to Complete the Format Error on Windows 10?

 “Hi, I am in trouble as I was formatting my device which experienced an unexpected termination. When I restarted the device it displayed an error saying that Windows could not complete the format. Please help to fix windows was unable to complete the format in Windows 10.”

Do not worry, here are some of the methods you could implement to recover the files.

Firstly check whether the drive is in write-protection mode as it does not allow any data to be accessed from the drive. Disabling the write protection mode will allow you to completely access the data.

Format using Command Prompt is another method you could employ to recover the files.

  1. Click on the start menu and typing “cmd” displays the command prompt. Press enter to open the command prompt.
  2. Then click on the drive that you wish to format.
  • Creating a primary partition and type format followed by the drive you wish to format.

 Is the problem persisting even after employing these methods?

 Do not panic, here is an impeccable application which is free to download on the web and it’s easy to use interface allows the user to recover data conveniently which is a few clicks away. It is compatible with the various versions of Windows and even the latest version Windows 10.

The Recover Windows is an integrated complete recovery tool which allows recovery of data effectively and conveniently. The software recovers lost data incorporating its deep scanning mechanisms to reach out for the corrupted files and advanced algorithms to recover the files.

It can recover data and the recovered files are displayed in an organized manner. The Find tool enables the user to reach out for a specific file very conveniently.

It can recover data from formatted/ reformatted drives and even from lost partitions very effectively. The software can recover lost data from FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT, NTFS, NTFS5 disk types.

The recovered files are presented in an organized manner. The recovered files can be viewed in two different methods being the File type View which presents the recovered data on the basis of file extensions and the Data View displays them in their complete hierarchical format.

Why Recover Windows?

The Save Recovery Session allows the user to freeze and save the progress of the recovery process so that the user can resume the recovery process from the instant the user left off. This reduces the time elapsed due to the repeated scanning of the entire drive which can be tiresome and annoying.

The Open recovery Session empowers the user to open the saved recovery session and continue from the point the user left off.

The First try then Buy allows the user to firstly download the free version of the software available on the web and proceed with the recovery process post-installation process.

 The user can view the recovered files before saving them to their destination folders using the Preview tool.

 But saving the retrieved files to their desired destination folder requires subscribing to the Pro version which entitles the user with additional and advanced features.

Reasons causing the format error

  • Virus and malware’s are always a point of concern in terms of security of the files. Infliction of Virus can render corrupted files or even result in inaccessible drives.
  • There are instances where due to the presence of too many bad sectors on the drive which can result in drive inaccessibility.
  • Installing or upgrading through unauthorized websites or third-party utilities can result in lost files and may also result in an inaccessible drive.
  • The write protection of the drive does not allow any read or write signals. The write protection mode does not allow the format process to complete.