Micro SD Card Recovery

Nowadays Micro SD cards have been used in almost all gadgets like Mobiles, Cameras, iPods, Tablets and so on. It has become so famous from its handy size and storage capacity. Basically Micro SD cards are used to store Media files such as Songs, video clips, Photos and many more. Micro SD cards will be categorized using their sizes; different brands will have different storage capacity. As these Micro SD cards are used to store media files as well as other data, there will be chances of getting corrupted during transfer of files from one device to another. Suppose if you lose your data from Micro SD card, no need to worry about it. Now you have Micro SD card recovery tool to recover data from these situations. This Micro SD card recovery tool is used to recover data from corrupted SD card, accidental deletion or accidental format of SD card.


How you might have lost your data from Micro SD card


  • Accidental deletion: As Micro SD card is used to store media files, there more chances of deleting files accidentally. When you’re deleting some repeated photos or unimportant photos, you might accidentally delete some important photos or you might accidentally press delete all option in your camera. Thus, you would have lost all the photos or some important photos from your SD card.
  • Accidental format: When you’re using Micro SD card in digital camera, you would use your Computer system to store those pictures or to view those captured pictures in big screen. Suppose you have stored these pictures in some hard drive segment, and when you want to format your drive, you would have forgotten about your media files and you formatted that drive, along with other files and folder even these media files will also be formatted.
  • Virus attack: When you’re using Micro SD card on your mobile or on virus infected digital camera, there are more chances of corrupting your Micro SD card or when you scan the Micro SD card through Antivirus, it will delete all the virus infected files from SD card.
  • Abnormal Ejection of SD card: Usually few people will remove their Micro SD card without any proper procedure. This may result in corrupted SD card. So when you’re removing Micro SD card, make use of proper procedure and avoid making your SD card corrupted.


Few important features of recovery tool


Micro SD card recovery tool is user friendly because of its detailed step to step instructions, even common with little knowledge can use this tool. This utility provides Find & Sort options through which Micro SD card Recovery becomes simpler.  This program will provide two simple view option- file type view and data type view, using these views users can make the recovery operation simple. It has a strong built in algorithm which scans Micro SD card thoroughly to recover deleted as well as lost data from it that too within few simple step.  This app will recover different image and video file format like MOV, AVI, MP4, etc and MRW, RAW, NEF, CRW, etc…  You can recover micro SD card even after formatting.