Rescue Pictures, Files, Etc After Windows Reset PC to Factory Settings

Let’s assume a situation where you have accessed some sites and downloaded some pictures on your Windows 8 computer. After sometime, you computer behaves weird and not able to open any program and later on it restarts automatically without any notice. Soon after, again your computer reboots repeatedly not letting you work on it. Finally, you decide to go with factory reset option which comes with Windows 8 OS which will restore your computer and make it work properly. After finishing factory reset, you computer works perfectly but you have lost all your entire data from it.

Apart from this situation, let’s see more causes due to which files are lost from computer after factory resetting.

Causes due to which files are lost from laptop or computer after factory reset

  • Virus infection: Sometimes, you utilize different portable devices for transferring pictures to laptop. These files might be virus infected which are transferred to your system, causing unexpected reboots. At this moment, you will do factory reset and all information from your laptop is gone.
  • Degradation of system performance: The performance of system decreases due to many reasons, in spite of erasing unwanted files and uninstalling unnecessary applications, the system is still slow. One does reset on your PC which loses your precious files.
  • Formatting: You wished to format your flash drive, but by mistake you format one of the computer hard drives which results in data loss.

For any of the following causes above, we’ve got one of the best Photo Recovery Application which recovers your photos, documents, videos, etc from computer after performing system restore or reset factory settings. To find out more about this tool, watch this tutorial:

Popular features of Photo Recovery Tool

This tool offers complete solution to get back deleted or lost pictures, files, etc from PC or laptop after using factory reset option. You are able to restore picture formats like JPEG, TIFF, BMP, JPG, TIF, etc along with RAW picture formats like RAW, CR2, X3F, MRW and others. Along with image recovery, it retrieves video clips, documents, audio tracks and other data files. This reliable tool recovers photos from non-booting drives from computer. Apart from this, it rescues files, songs, images, etc from formatted or reformatted partitions. This software has strong preview option to check the recovered files from the list. If you’re facing bad sector issues on your portable drive, this tool will create disk images of it which can be used later on to rescue data from it. You can use this software on several file systems namely FAT32, FAT16, EXFAT, NTFS and NTFS5. You are able to successfully install this user friendly tool on any Windows operating systems. To get complete details on this tool, visit this link: