Utility to Recover Data from Corrupted Memory Card

Memory cards are the storage devices that are used for storing all the digital information. Memory cards are widely used in the digital cameras, smart phones, iPods, etc. Some of the popular memory cards include CF card, SD card, memory stick, XD card, etc. Sometimes these memory cards get corrupted because of various reasons. One such scenario like, assume that you have stores all your photos of the summer camp trip where you went along with your friends.  You like to share those photos with your family, hence you connected the memory card to the system through card reader. While viewing those photo files, your younger brother has unplug the memory card suddenly without shutting down the device or click the dismount hardware safe option unknowingly. In such a case the programs which are running on the memory card damaged the sector as it was unplugged without dismounting. This has resulted in the corruption of the memory card and all the photo files which you have stored on the memory card will be in an inaccessible state.

Let us know some of the other causes that lead to the corruption of memory card

Memory card gets corrupted due to accidental formatting process. You might end up with the loss of files from the memory card when you format the memory card connected to it. It happens when you have selected the memory card to format instead of other drive on the computer. When the file system of the memory card is affected by the harmful viruses then it results in inaccessibility of the images from the memory card. And if the same memory card is used on the different electronic gadgets then the file structures of the memory card gets corrupted. Occurrence of error messages like card locked, memory card error, card error, or an error code on your digital camera may prompt to reformat the memory card and refuses to take new pictures or to view old images stored on it. Other factors like switch off the camera when the memory card is still in progress, continue clicking images on low batteries, using same card on other host devices, using the memory card which has not formatted in the camera, continuous shooting and deleting the images when the memory card is full, etc. All these factors are responsible for the corruption of memory card.

How to recover this corrupted memory card

When the memory card is get corrupted then all the files which are store on it will become inaccessible. Hence to get back access from this memory card, it is necessary to recover files from the corrupted memory card. Now the question arises in your mind of how to recover corrupted memory card. Don’t worry, now it is very easy to recover corrupted memory card by using the best memory card recovery software. This software has special built in algorithm that has an ability to scan the entire drive and get back all the files from the corrupted memory card.

Features of this recovery software

This software is the easiest and the safest solution to recover photos, digital clippings, images, etc from the corrupted memory card. It supports recovery of data from corrupted PC card, Memory Stick, Compact Flash, Micro SD card, MMC micro card, memory stick micro M2 multimedia card, Smart media, secure digital card, Memory stick duo, mini SD card, xD-Picture card, etc. By using this software you can also recover files from corrupt hard drive within a fraction of seconds.