What is Graphics Card and Graphics Card Driver?

Do you come across this word graphic card? Up to my knowledge most of you will be aware of graphic card. If you are not aware of it, then don’t worry I will give you a brief note on graphic card. Graphic card is used by computer to control and enhance displaying of images, videos, programs, animations, 3D in better way. In the absence of graphic card the images, videos will not display properly. As the capacity of graphic card is high, the computer will display good videos and animations. Similarly if graphics card is low, then displaying of videos and animation will be low. Some graphics cards are designed for games that will not support OpenGL standard properly.

31Fd05-BPILUsually graphic card are not inbuilt in computer. It is a separate card that plug in to a motherboard’s sort and as you know motherboard is the main part of the computer. Because of this graphic components are usually named as graphics card. Nowadays some of the inbuilt graphic cards are available in market.

Graphics components are also called as video adapter, graphic board, video card, display adapter, graphics adapter, etc. There are many types of graphics cards such as Integrated graphics card, PCI graphics card, AGP graphics card, PCI-Express cards, etc.

What is Graphics Card Driver?

In the above sentences you got to know about graphics card. Now let’s know about graphics card driver. Every task in the computer is carried on with set of programs i.e. software. So the software that controls computer graphic card is called as graphics card driver. This software controls the graphics components work with the computer.

Do you want know which graphics card is present in your computer?

The best way to find which graphics card you are using is to run DirectX Diagnostic Tool:

  1. Click Start button.
  2. Click Run on Start menu.
  3. In Open box, type “dxdiag” and click OK.
  4. Now the DirectX Diagnostic Tool will get open, now click OK.
  5. In the Display tab, in the Device section information of your graphics card will be shown. You can see the brand name of graphics card and the memory size of it can be seen.

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